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Program Learning Outcomes

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Alignment Reports of SLOs and PLOs

Instructional Program

Alignment Report


Allied Health--Biology  X
Allied Health--Health  X
Basic Skills--English  X
Basic Skills--Math  X
Biological Science--Biological Science  X
Biological Science--Health Science  X
Business Accounting Economics--Accounting  X
Business Accounting Economics--Business  X
Computer Business Office  X
Design Technology Creative Arts--Architecture  X
Design Technology Creative Arts--Fashion Design   X 
Design Technology Creative Arts--Interior Design   X 
Design Technology Creative Arts--Multimedia Arts  X
Early Childhood Education  X
Engineering CIS--CIS  X
Engineering CIS--Engineering  X
Fine Performing Arts--Art  X
Fine Performing Arts--Music  X
Fine Performing Arts--Theater Arts  X
Foreign Language--Spanish   X 
Human Services  X
Kinesiology Athletics Dance  X
Language Arts--English  X
Latin American Studies  X
Math  X
Medical Assisting   X
Paralegal  X
Physical Sciences--ASTR   X
Physical Sciences--Chemistry  X
Physical Sciences--Earth Science   X
Physical Sciences--Physics   X
Radiologic Technology   X
Social Sciences--Anthropology   X
Social Sciences--Communication Study   X
Social Sciences--Economics   X
Social Sciences--Geography   X
Social Sciences--History   X
Social Sciences--Latin American Studies   X
Social Sciences--Philosophy  X
Social Sciences--Political Science  X
Social Sciences--Psychology  X
Social Sciences--Sociology  X
Student Support Services Alignment Report
Overall Student Support Services   X



Alignment SLO and ILOs Reports by Individual Department


Alignment Report

(SLO and ILO)

Accounting X
Anthropology X
Art  X
Biological Sciences X
Business X
Career and Personal Development X
Chemistry X
Computer Information Science   X
Communication Studies X
Computer Business Office Technology X
Early Childhood Education/Child Development X
Earth Science   X
Economics X
Engineering X
English   X
English As A Second Language X
Fashion Design And Merchandising X
Geography   X
Health Science  X 
History   X
Human Services X
Interdisciplinary Studies X
Interior Design X
International Business X
Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance X
Latin American Studies  X
Learning Center X
Library X
Mathematics    X
Medical Assisting X
Multimedia Art And Technology X


Paralegal X
Philosophy X
Physics X
Political Science X
Psychology X
Radiologic Technology X
Sociology X
Spanish X
Theatre Arts X
Student Support Services X




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