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The Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) strengthens Cañada’s distance education program and advises the campus on distance education courses and policies.  The committee is under the umbrella of CIETL and reports to the Vice President of Instruction.

The current members of DEAC are:
  • Gregory Anderson, Vice President of Instruction
  • Peter Bruni, Liaison to District DEAC
  • Gloria Darafshi, Counselor
  • Chialin Hsieh, Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Don Lariviere, Alternative Media Specialist
  • Kim Lopez, Dean of Counseling
  • Ana Miladinova, Associate Professor of Kinesiology
  • Candice Nance, Associate Professor of Business
  • Lisa Palmer, Professor of English
  • Erin Moore, Director, Professional Development and Innovation
  • Janet Stringer, Lead Administrator for DE (Chair)
  • Diva Ward, Learning Center Manager

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