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Class Schedule
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Meet the BTO Peer Mentors and Staff (2015-2016)


Start Strong

Peer mentorship is provided to students transitioning into their first year at Cañada to build their academic toolkit for success.



Name: Mayra Gonzalez Contreras, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Nursing
Tutoring Subjects:  

 "I CAN... motivate you."

Bio: My name is Mayra Gonzalez Contreras and I'm a first generation student. This will be my third year at Cañada College. Also, this year is going to be my first year being a BTO mentor, and I am excited to start this semester as a mentor. My favorite hobbies would be art and exploring new cities with my closest friends.  




Name: Kassandra Fekir, BTO Peer Mentor
Major/Minor: Early Childhood Education
Tutoring Subjects: N/A

 "I CAN... make sure to be resourceful and helpful to you."

Bio: Hi my name is Kassandra, and this is my second year at Cañada. I recently discovered my passion for meeting other people, and helping them reach their academic goals. I was a mentee myself for about a year before I became a peer mentor. For this reason I can relate easily to other students. Also, I am a First Generation student in my family and my goal is to finish strong. Combining my love for kids and English I am currently working toward my AS in Early Childhood Education as well as a teaching diploma in English. I will be applying to transfer to a 4 year university in the Fall of 2016. French is my first language and English is my second language. Can't wait to meet you!



Name: Chris Hau, BTO Peer Mentor
Major/Minor: Psychology
Tutoring Subjects: N/A

"I CAN... help you reach your goals."

Bio: My name is Chris Hau and I was born and raised in the bay area. This is my 2nd year at Cañada College and this is my first year being apart of the BTO peer mentor staff and am looking forward to this experience. I am working on getting my AA degree and getting ready to transfer to a 4 year University while majoring in psychology. I’m also apart of the Cañada baseball team so come out and support our team!

Stay Strong

As students continue with their college education, peer mentorship is provided to encourage students to persist with their education, motivate them to continue to excel academically in order to reach their transfer and graduation objective.


Name: Joseph Bass

"I CAN...get you connected on campus."

Bio: Growing up, I always hated school (except for recess and P.E.). I did just enough to get by barely passing my classes with C’s. After high school I knew college was not for me, so I took to the work field and the street life. To make a long story short, I can tell you that I have been through the criminal justice system, as an inmate, and through hard manual labor jobs. From these experiences, I have learned the importance of a good education. Which is why today I am so passionate about my own educational goals, as well as other peoples education. Like Fredrick Douglass once said, “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave,” I believe the same thought can be applied in today’s society, just exchange the word slave for prisoner. My goals in life are to create equal education opportunities to all people regardless of which wealth class they are in and to become a teacher. 


Name: Tanesha Gaines, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Business
Tutoring Subjects:  

"I CAN…inspire and prepare you for student success!"

Bio: My name is Tanesha Gaines and this is my second year here at Cañada College. I am a new peer mentor with BTO, and I am very excited to work with students with goals of transferring. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing resources. During my time at Cañada, I have become a member of TRIO, and also a member of the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. I am currently studying Business with a concentration in Accounting. I plan to transfer to CSU East Bay in 2017.



Name: Victor Infante, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Early Childhood Education
Tutoring Subjects: 

"I CAN…mentor you through your hardships."

Bio: Hello, my name is Victor Infante I am a first generation student I have been taking courses at Cañada College for the past 5 years. I am currently taking 12 ECE units in Early Childhood Education by the end of this semester I will be getting my ECE Certificate. This is my first semester working for the BTO mentorship program and very motivated to help students reach their educational goals. I am an ECE major. I am bilingual; I speak both English and Spanish. I applied to BTO because one of my passions is being able to help people and share my knowledge. Working together we can reach our academic goals, and strive. 



Name: Jesse Jimenez, BTO Peer Mentor
Major: Computer Science
Tutoring Subjects: Math up to Calculus 1

"I CAN...give you that push to reach the finish line."

Bio: I'm a Redwood City native, I am currently completing my requirements for my AS-T in Computer Science then I plan to transfer to SJSU or UC Santa Cruz in Fall of 2016 to pursue my Bachelors Degree. I can help you in your math classes up to Calculus II and essay writing. I been apart of BTO for almost 3 years now and at Cañada for a bit longer. I strive to succeed academically and also in my future career.


jonathan Name: Jonathan Madley, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Tutoring Subjects: N/A

"I you find the tools to learning and success."

Bio: Hello, I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am planning on transferring with an Associates in Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or to UC San Diego, those are my top choice in schools. I am a new mentor looking forward to provide aid to students, to help them maintain their academic path, and to help them achieve their academic goals. I strive to accomplish my goals no matter the struggles and obstacles I might face. I also enjoy learning about the evolution of technology and science.  

them maintain their academic path, and to help them achieve their academic goals. I strive to accomplish my goals no matter the struggles and obstacles I might face. I also enjoy learning about the evolution of technology and science.



Name: Travis McIntosh
Major: Biology
Tutoring Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Math

"I make your time here a positive experience."

Bio: I am a first generation college student. I am majoring in biology with a goal of double majoring in bioinformatics and cell and molecular biology once I transfer to a four-year university.  I am also a tutor in the STEM Center and looking forward to working as a mentor as well.  As an older student, I feel I can give other students a different and new perspective.


Name: Andre Robinson, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major/Minor: Criminal Justice
Tutoring Subjects: English

"I CAN…help you learn from me just as much as I can learn from you!"

Bio: My name is Andre Robinson and I am a first generation student. This is my second year at Cañada College and I am majoring in criminal justice. I am planning on getting my AA Degree and transferring to a four year university. I am a new mentor looking forward to working with students and just meeting new people. I enjoy helping whenever I can so don’t be afraid to ask me anything. I am also part of Cañada’s basketball team so come support!.


Finish Strong

Peer mentorship is provided to support students who are transfer-ready and can assist them with the transfer process while maintaining academic excellence.



Name: Alexis Madayag, BTO/A2B Peer Mentor, BTOC Historian
Major/Minor: Radio & TV, SFSU & Art Therapy/Clinical Counseling, NDNU & Adult Education Credential, UC Berkeley
Tutoring Subjects:  History, Political Science, Psychology, Human Services, Multimedia, English

"I CAN...teach you the skills, but you must make the effort."

Bio: My name is Alexis Madayag and this is my 4th year as a peer mentor for BTO since the formation of the program in 2011. Currently I'm studying Art Therapy/Clinical Counseling at NDNU and recently pursuing a credential in Adult Education from UC Berkeley Extension. As a counseling major and digital media specialist, I have a passion for teaching digital literacy, bridging the digital divide amongst students and lifelong learners, and being an advocate for mental wellness and education equity. A jack-of-all-trades, I am a photographer, mixed media artist, DJ, and educator.



Name: Barbara Parigi
Major/Minor: Biological Science
Tutoring Subjects:  

"I you maintain your tunnel-vision toward your goal."

Bio: Hello, my name is Barbara. I am also a first generation student majoring in biological science and I plan to transfer to a four-year university by the fall of 2016. This is my first year as a BTO mentor. However, as a student, sister, and friend, I believe I have been a mentor without realizing it. I love dancing and I love learning other dances that I haven’t learned yet. I enjoy helping people get the resources they need, as well as meeting new faces. I look forward to help, support, and share my struggles and the obstacles that I have faced throughout my life with you, my mentee.

 BTO Staff





Name: Patricia "Trish" Guevarra, Program Services Coordinator - BTO,VROC
Major: B.A. Social Sciences and a B.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice,
CSU San Marcos
M.S. in College Counseling, San Francisco State University (anticipated 2018)

"I you build your community of support."

Bio:  It is a privilege that I am the currently Program Services Coordinator of Bridge to Opportunities Peer Mentorship. I have and continue to have many influential mentors in my life who support me through my personal, academic, and career growth. It is for this reason that I have developed a passion for mentorship. I recently moved up to the Bay Area from San Diego, CA where I received my Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences and a Bachelors of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Cal State San Marcos in 2006. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Counseling with an emphasis in College from San Francisco State University. 




Name: James Macale, Counselor - BTO, A2B, TRIO SSS
Availability: Tuesdays 10:30 am - 7 pm, Thursdays 1 pm - 7 pm



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