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Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes


Meet the BTO Peer Mentors (2014-2015)

Jojo K

Name: Jesus Baca, BTO Peer Mentor 
Tutoring Subjects: 

Hi my name is Jesus Baca and I am one of the founding fathers of the Beating the Odds Program as I continue to be a mentor for first generation college students. I have been a mentor at Canada College and this is my 4th year and still going strong. I am a really funny, tall, and mean looking guy so don’t be hesitant to speak or ask for my assistance. My strongest subject is English in writing essays. I am a Sociology major and I plan to transfer to UC Santa Cruz or Davis to later be able to work with in my community and work with at risk youth opened up to the violence within the community. I would like to be a positive role model and set good examples for the next generations of my community.  

Lourdes Perez


Name: Jolani Chun-Moy, BTO/STEM Peer Mentor, TSAC President, Secretary of V-ROC
Major/Minor: Environmental Engineering/Industrial Engineering
Tutoring Subjects: Oceanography, Micro/Macro Economics, Math up to Calculus 1, All levels of English, ENGR: Surveying, Graphics, Intro to Engineering, Chemistry 210 & 220

"I you accomplish all your goals you have while at Cañada & Beyond!"

Bio: Hi, my name is Jolani and I am so glad to be a BTO mentor this year. This year is my 4th year at Canada and my second year as a BTO mentor. As an environmental engineering major, I am also a part of the STEM Center. While at Canada I have always been heavily involved in student life, having previously been ASCC Vice President and Secretary. I am looking forward to working with you this year!  


Name: Sarahi Espinoza, BTO Peer Mentor and Dreamers Club President
Major/Minor: Psychology/Communications
Tutoring Subjects:  English, Communications, Psychology, Political Science

"I a leader and get you involved =)"

Bio: My name is Sarahi. I am a first generation college student.  I am very grateful to be a mentor for BTO and help you in pursuing your academic excellence.  BTO was my first family here at Cañada.  I was a mentee last year and it was a great experience.  I hope I can provide to you all a wonderful experience as I had.  I'm starting my second year here at Cañada College in pursue of a psychology major and communications.  I enjoy helping others and that is why I decided to become a mentor this year.  Looking forward to meet you all and make great memories together.

Alex Meza

Name: Jesse Jimenez, BTO Peer Mentor
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Tutoring Subjects:  Math up to Calculus 1

"I you reach your goals."

Bio:  I have been at Cañada College for a few years studying Computer Science with a focus on C++.  I'm a strong tutor in mathematics and English. My favorite hobbies is getting tattoos and playing video games.


Name: Lourdes Perez, Peer Mentor and Sequoia H.S. SAFE Program Mentor
Major/Minor: Sociology
Tutoring Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Statistics

"I CAN...motivate and help you succeed.”

Bio: My name is Lourdes Perez. I am a first generation student athlete at Cañada College. I was a BTO mentee back in 2011 and I now have the privilege to serve as a BTO Peer Mentor for my second consecutive year. BTO has helped me stay involved in helping my community and has motivated me to pursue my career in Sociology. I plan to transfer to UC Davis or Sacramento State University in 2015.

Jesse Jimenez


Name: Federico Lopez-Casildo, STEM/BTO Peer Mentor
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Tutoring Subjects:  Math (All-levels)

"I CAN...struggle and overcome."

Bio: I am a first generation college student at Cañada College and I am studying mechanical engineering.  I am currently taking five classes this fall semester! I can tutor in most math classes up to calculus.  I am also a peer mentor for the STEM center.  I work with the STEM Center to try and connect students with resources and other opportunities.  This is my 3rd year at Cañada College and I was a mentee before I was a mentor.  This is my second year as a mentor and building things is something I have always enjoyed doing. 

Frederico Lopez-Casildo


Name: Alexis Madayag, BTO/A2B Peer Mentor, BTOC Historian
Major/Minor: Radio & TV, SFSU & Art Therapy/Clinical Counseling, NDNU & Adult Education Credential, UC Berkeley
Tutoring Subjects:  History, Political Science, Psychology, Human Services, Multimedia, English

"I CAN...teach you the skills, but you must make the effort."

Bio:  My name is Alexis Madayag and this is my 4th year as a peer mentor for BTO since the formation of the program in 2011.  Currently I'm studying Art Therapy/Clinical Counseling at NDNU and recently pursuing a credential in Adult Education from UC Berkeley Extension.  As a counseling major and digital media specialist, I have a passion for teaching digital literacy, bridging the digital divide amongst students and lifelong learners, and being an advocate for mental wellness and education equity.  A jack-of-all-trades, I am a photographer, mixed media artist, DJ, and educator. 

Alexis Madayag


Name: Taimoor Tariq, BTO Peer Mentor & BTOC President
Major:  Mechanical Engineering
Tutoring Subjects:  

"I you succeed."

Bio: My name is Taimoor Tariq and I am grateful to be part of Beating the Odds Peer Mentorship Program.  I moved to the United States four years ago from Pakistan.  I became a member of the program in the fall of 2013 as a BTO student assistant and mentee.  I am pursuing a mechanical engineering degree and hoping to apply to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  I enjoy helping people so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me any questions. 



Name: Lusi Tuionetoa Tai, BTO Peer Mentor
Major/Minor: Geology
Tutoring Subjects:  Geology, Math 120, Chem 192, Eng 100/110, History 201

"I CAN...and YOU CAN accomplish anything you desire if YOU GIVE IT YOUR ALL, BE POSITIVE, and have a lot of FAITH."

Bio: "Maloelelei," which means welcome or hello in my native language (Tongan).  I'm a returning student to Cañada College since fall 2012.  I enjoy engaging with different diversity within this community.  Being kind, friendly, and fun is my personality, so don't be shy to ask questions when you see me on/off campus.  Currently I'm in the process of earning my AA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Natural Science and Mathematics.  I also plan to transfers to UC/CSU with a major in Geology.  I highly value education which emphasizes my excitement in participating in the BTO program.  This will be my first year as a BTO mentor and I am looking forward to cater to your academic needs.

Jesus Baca


Name: Evelyn Valenzuela, BTO/A2B Peer Mentor and ASCC Vice President
Major/Minor: Business Administration/Sociology
Tutoring Subjects:  Math 110-130

Bio: I am a first generation student, and this will be my third year sat Cañada College and I am actively involved on campus.  By being the Vice President of the Associated Students of Cañada College (ASCC), I am in charge of all the clubs on campus.  So...if you are interested in being a part of a club or want to start up a club, I would be more than happy to help!  I am bilingual and fluent in Spanish.  My passion/hobby is informing the community as a whole.  I am looking forward to working with the staff and mentees this academic year.





BTO Staff


Trish Guevarra

Name: Patricia "Trish" Guevarra, Program Services Coordinator - BTO, TRiO, V-ROC, and Financial Literacy
Major/Minor: B.A. Social Sciences and a B.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice,
CSU San Marcos
Tutoring Subjects:  Empowering others to succeed

Bio: Hello!  I am grateful that I get to work with all of you, learn with you, and to provide the same support that many of my mentors have done with me.  My background includes experience in education, community organizing, and non-profits with a strong emphasis on social justice. 








Tutoring Subjects






Tutoring Subjects 






Tutoring Subjects 




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