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Jojo K

Name: Evelyn Valenzuela
Major/Minor: Business/Accounting
Tutoring Subjects:  


Lourdes Perez

Name: Lourdes Perez, Peer Mentor   
Major/Minor: Environmental Science
Tutoring Subjects:  Math (Trigonomety to Pre-Calculus)

Bio: My name is Lourdes Perez. I am a first generation student. I was a BTO mentee since 2011 and I am now happy to be able to give back to the program and serving as a peer mentor. I am most comfortable tutoring in Math up to trigonometry and a little bit of precalc. I am bilingual and fluent in spanish. Bto has helped me stay motivated and invloved to become a better student and person.

Julia Chand

Name: Julia Chand, Peer Mentor (BTO/A2B)
Major/Minor: A.S. in Administrative Support Assistant & Early Childhood Education
Tutoring Subjects: ECE 201, 210, 211, 212, 230, 254, 362, 313, 366

Bio:  Since 2009, I have attended Cañada College and have A.S. in Administrative Support Assistant.  I am a member of many student organizations on campus:  A2B, TRiO, BTO, and PTK.  I am pursuing an additional degree in Early Childhood Education.  My plans are to transfer to SF State to earn a Bachelors of Art in Early Childhood Education.
Alex Meza

Name: Alex Meza,Peer Mentor   
Major/Minor: Electrical Engineering

Bio: My name is Alejandro Meza, I'm pursing a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in medicine. I want to to transfer to San Jose State University to earn my bachelors degree in Engineering. Before coming to Canada College I served in the military after completing high school, after my active service I decided to pursue my college career at Canada College. I been involved in multiple clubs and programs that have a great influence to me and to my follow peers. I have lead and I have followed, by being part of BTO this is a learning experience that we all go through together.

Adriana Fernandez

Name: Adriana Fernandez, Peer Mentor   
Major/Minor: Environmental Science
Tutoring Subjects:  English 100, Math 120, Communications 110, Geology, and Scholarship/Internship Applications

Bio: My name is Adriana Fernandez. I am a first generation college student. I graduated from San Mateo High School in 2011. I am majoring in Environmental Science with the plan to attend UC Davis. I have been part of BTO ever since I started attending Cañada in 2011. I was a mentee for two years. This year I decided to be a mentor as a way to give back to the program. I am also a student assistant for the STEM Center. I have been part of the following clubs: Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Bridging Hispanic Minds to Success (BHMS), Robotics Club, and Dreamers Task Force. I am also an outreach ambassador for Educators for Faire Consideration (E4FC), a non-profit organization that helps undocumented students keep their dreams alive. Being part of all of these programs has helped me to develop more confidence, persistence and motivation towards pursuing my career and helping others along the way.

Jesse Jimenez

Name: Jesse Jimenez, Peer Mentor, Beating the Odds Community President   
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Tutoring Subjects:  Math up to Calculus 1

Bio:  I have been at Cañada College for a few years studying Computer Science with a focus on C++.  I'm a strong tutor in mathematics and English. My favorite hobbies is getting tattoos and playing video games.

Jolani Chun-Moy

Name: Jolani Chun-Moy, Peer Mentor, VP ASCC
Major/Minor: Environmental Engineering
Tutoring Subjects: Oceanography, Micro/Macro Economics, Math up to Calculus 1, All levels of English, ENGR: Surveying, Graphics, Intro to Engineering, Chemistry 210 & 220

Bio: Hi, my name is Jolani and I am so glad to be a BTO mentor this year. This year is my third year at Canada and I am in the process of transferring to a 4-year university. As an environmental engineering major, I am also a part of the STEM Center. While at Canada I have always been heavily involved in student life. The past two years I was secretary with the Associated students of Canada College (ASCC) and this year I am the Vice President.  I am looking forward to working with you this year! 

Alexis Madayag

Name: Alexis Madayag, Peer Mentor, Beating the Odds Community Historian
Major/Minor: Art Therapy/Clinical Counseling, Notre Dame De Namur Univerity
Tutoring Subjects:  History, Political Science, Psychology, Human Services, Multimedia, English

Bio:  My name is Alexis Madayag and this is my 3rd year as a peer mentor for BTO.  Currently I'm a graduate student studying Art Therapy and Clinical Counseling at Notre Dame de Namur University and recently went back to Cañada College to take classes in digital illustration and art.  As a counseling major and digital media specialist, I have a passion for teaching digital literacy, bridging the digital divide amongst students and lifelong learners, and being an advocate for mental wellness and overall holistic health.

Victoria Hernandez

Name: Victoria Hernandez, Peer Mentor, Beating the Odds Community Secretary
Major/Minor: Business Administration/Economics
Tutoring Subjects:  Macro/Micro Economics, History, and Math

Bio: My name is Victoria Hernandez; I’m a first generation student. This is my third semester at Canada College and my first year as a Mentor.  I’m pursuing a double here in major in Business Administration and Economics. I’m planning on transferring to a four-year university and earn my Bachelors in Health Care Administration. I have been involved in doing volunteer work and tutoring here at the Learning Center. I’m bilingual and I enjoy helping others students succeed in their academic studies.

Jesus Baca

Name: Jesus Baca, Peer Mentor 
Major/Minor: Sociology
Tutoring Subjects:  

Bio:  Hi my name is Jesus Baca I am one of the founding fathers of the Beating the Odds program as I continue to be a mentor for first generation college students. I have been a mentor at Canada College; this is my third year and still going strong. I am a really funny tall mean looking guy so don’t be hesitant to speak or ask for my assistance. My strongest subject is English in writing essays. I am Sociology major and I plan to transfer to UC Santa Cruz or Davis to later be able to work with in my community and work with at risk youth opened up to the violence within the community. I would like to be a positive role model and set good examples for the next generations of my community. 

Stephanie Valencia

Name: Stephanie Valencia, Peer Mentor 
Major/Minor: Early Childhood Education
Tutoring Subjects:  ECE: Early Childhood Education, ESL: English Second Language, Spanish

Bio: I'm very outgoing, always willing to help and always makes people smile. I'm bilingual: Spanish, English. I got my Certificate of Early Childhood Education on May, 2012, and I'm currently working on getting my Associates of Science on Early Childhood Education. I hope to transfer to a CA state university and further my education in Early Childhood Education.

Frederico Lopez-Casildo

Name: Frederico Lopez-Casildo, Peer Mentor, Mechanical Engineering
Tutoring Subjects:  Math (All-levels)

Bio: Hello my name is Federico Lopez-C., I will be a STEM and undeclared major peer mentor for Beating The Odds peer mentorship program.  I have been studying to become a mechanical engineer and this is my second year attending Cañada College.  On my free time I enjoy playing video games, building things, and playing the guitar. Math is probably my favorite subject and I enjoy being part of BTO and school clubs, I can also tutor up Calculus I and some basic English.


Name: Taimoor Tariq, BTO Student Assistant
Tutoring Subjects:  


Trish Guevarra

Name: Patricia "Trish" Guevarra, Program Services Coordinator - BTO, TRiO, V-ROC, and Financial Literacy
Major/Minor: B.A. Social Sciences and a B.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, CSU San Marcos

Bio: Hello!  I am grateful that I get to work with all of you, learn with you, and to provide the same support that many of my mentors have done with me.  My background includes experience in education, community organizing, and non-profits with a strong emphasis on social justice. 

Will Reyes

Name: Will Reyes, Counselor, BTO and STEM Center
Major/Minor: B.A. Recreation and Community Management, M.A. College and School Counseling, San Francisco State University

Bio:  My name is Will Reyes and I am excited to have joined a devoted and skilled team of counselors who seek to become agents of change by providing educational, career, and personal opportunities to students.

My educational background includes a bachelor's degree in Recreation and Community Management, and a master's degree in College and School Counseling from San Francisco State University. Like many of you, I am the first in my family to attend, persist, and graduate from college.My work experience has allowed me to work with elementary, middle, and high school students for over six years. Now I have the opportunity to work with gifted and ambitious college students. Currently, I am working as an adjunct counselor for the STEM Center, and now BTO, while also working as an adjunct counselor at Laney College with the TRiO-SSS program.I look forward to meeting, working and learning from all of you in some capacity. 




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