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Class Schedule
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Meet the BTO Peer Mentors and Staff (2015-2016)


Start Strong

Peer mentorship is provided to students transitioning into their first year at Cañada to build their academic toolkit for success.



Name: Evelyn Valenzuela, BTO/A2B Peer Mentor and ASCC President
Major/Minor: Business Administration/Sociology
Tutoring Subjects: Math 110-130

Bio: I am a first generation student, and this will be my third year sat Cañada College and I am actively involved on campus.  By being the Vice President of the Associated Students of Cañada College (ASCC), I am in charge of all the clubs on campus.  So...if you are interested in being a part of a club or want to start up a club, I would be more than happy to help!  I am bilingual and fluent in Spanish. My passion/hobby is informing the community as a whole. I am looking forward to working with the staff and mentees this academic year.




Name: Luis A. Coronel, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Sociology
Tutoring Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Statistics, Sociology, History  

"I CAN…guide you through success"

Bio: My name is Luis A. Coronel I am a first generation student at Cañada College. Previously being the BTO student Assistant it has helped me learned all the background information this program has to offer in aiding students. Being fortunate enough in becoming a Peer Mentor this year, I am more than prepared for what this semester has to bring. I am majoring in Sociology in order to pursue my career goal of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer. I enjoy surrounding myself with people whom have a passion for success, because together we can reach success.



Name: Mayra Gonzalez Contreras, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Nursing
Tutoring Subjects:  


Bio: My name is Mayra Gonzalez Contreras and I'm a first generation student. This will be my third year at Cañada College. Also, this year is going to be my first year being a BTO mentor, and I am excited to start this semester as a mentor. My favorite hobbies would be art and exploring new cities with my closest friends.  


Stay Strong

As students continue with their college education, peer mentorship is provided to encourage students to persist with their education, motivate them to continue to excel academically in order to reach their transfer and graduation objective.



Name: Jesse Jimenez, BTO Peer Mentor
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Tutoring Subjects: Math up to Calculus 1

"I CAN...give you that push to reach the finish line"

Bio: I'm a Redwood City native, I am currently completing my requirements for my AS-T in Computer Science then I plan to transfer to SJSU or UC Santa Cruz in Fall of 2016 to pursue my Bachelors Degree. I can help you in your math classes up to Calculus II and essay writing. I been apart of BTO for almost 3 years now and at Cañada for a bit longer. I strive to succeed academically and also in my future career.




Name: Tanesha Gaines, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Business
Tutoring Subjects:  

"I CAN…inspire and prepare you for student success!"

Bio: My name is Tanesha Gaines and this is my second year here at Cañada College. I am a new peer mentor with BTO, and I am very excited to work with students with goals of transferring. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing resources. During my time at Cañada, I have become a member of TRIO, and also a member of the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. I am currently studying Business with a concentration in Accounting. I plan to transfer to CSU East Bay in 2017.




Name: Monique Rojas, BTO Peer Mentor & Tutor
Major/Minor: Spanish, Early Childhood Education
Tutoring Subjects: Spanish, English, Algebra

"I CAN…help you find your passion and unlock your potential!"

Bio: Hello students! My name is Monique Rojas and I am a Spanish major with a focus in Childhood Education. This is my third year attending Cañada College and this semester I am applying to transfer to a four year university with the University of Berkeley and San Francisco State University as my top choices. I attribute my academic success to my fellow peers and the amazing faculty at Cañada College and for this, I am looking forward to being a peer mentor so that I may share what I have learned and pass the success forward!.



Name: Andre Robinson, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major/Minor: Criminal Justice
Tutoring Subjects: English

"I CAN…help you learn from me just as much as I can learn from you!"

Bio: My name is Andre Robinson and I am a first generation student. This is my second year at Cañada College and I am majoring in criminal justice. I am planning on getting my AA Degree and transferring to a four year university. I am a new mentor looking forward to working with students and just meeting new people. I enjoy helping whenever I can so don’t be afraid to ask me anything. I am also part of Cañada’s basketball team so come support!.




Name: Lourdes Perez, Peer Mentor and Sequoia H.S. SAFE Program Mentor
Major/Minor: Sociology
Tutoring Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Statistics

"I CAN...motivate you and help you reach success”

Bio: I am a first generation student athlete at Cañada College. I was a BTO mentee  in 2011 and I now have the privilege to serve as a BTO Peer Mentor for my third consecutive year. BTO has allowed me to work with a diverse group of hard working students who have inspired me to give back to my community and to pursue my career in Sociology. Apart from sociology, I have a passion for sports and music. I plan to transfer to UC Davis or Sacramento State University in Fall 2016. 




Name: Joanna Peet, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Kinesiology/Applied Math
Tutoring Subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra

"I you visualize your dreams"

Bio: My name is Joanna Peet. I am a first generation college student and a member of the Cañada College Tennis team. I am a mother of four children, my two oldest are in college and my two youngest are in high school. I have been a BTO mentee since 2013, and now I have the privilege to be a mentor. I wanted to become a mentor so I can give back to students on what I was so fortunate to receive from BTO. My goal is to graduate from San Jose State with a Kinesiology Bachelor’s degree and a minor in applied math. My hope is to become a high school PE teacher to students who have disabilities.

Finish Strong

Peer mentorship is provided to support students who are transfer-ready and assist them with the transfer process while maintaining academic excellence.



Name: Taimoor Tariq, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Tutoring Subjects:  

"I you succeed"

Bio: My name is Taimoor Tariq and I am grateful to be part of Beating the Odds Peer Mentorship Program. I moved to the United States four years ago from Pakistan. I became a member of the program in the fall of 2013 as a BTO student assistant and mentee. I am pursuing a mechanical engineering degree and hoping to apply to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I enjoy helping people so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me any questions.



Name: Martin Garcia, BTO Peer Mentor 
Major: Biology
Tutoring Subjects: Algebra, Bio 100

 "I CAN…push you towards your goals. Focus!"

Bio: My name is Martin Garcia.  I am a first generation student. I’m a biology major getting my applications done to transfer to a 4-year.  The plan is to go to either UC Davis or CSU East Bay fall of 2016. I love being outdoors playing soccer, dancing salsa, and have recently started doing Calisthenics. During my time at Cañada I’ve participated in the following programs: STEM, EOPS, and TRIO. Each of these programs offers tutoring, counseling, and support that has helped me become successful.



Name: Alexis Madayag, BTO/A2B Peer Mentor, BTOC Historian
Major/Minor: Radio & TV, SFSU & Art Therapy/Clinical Counseling, NDNU & Adult Education Credential, UC Berkeley
Tutoring Subjects:  History, Political Science, Psychology, Human Services, Multimedia, English

"I CAN...teach you the skills, but you must make the effort"

Bio: My name is Alexis Madayag and this is my 4th year as a peer mentor for BTO since the formation of the program in 2011. Currently I'm studying Art Therapy/Clinical Counseling at NDNU and recently pursuing a credential in Adult Education from UC Berkeley Extension. As a counseling major and digital media specialist, I have a passion for teaching digital literacy, bridging the digital divide amongst students and lifelong learners, and being an advocate for mental wellness and education equity. A jack-of-all-trades, I am a photographer, mixed media artist, DJ, and educator.

 BTO Staff





Name: Patricia "Trish" Guevarra, Program Services Coordinator - BTO,VROC
Major/Minor: B.A. Social Sciences and a B.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice,
CSU San Marcos
Tutoring Subjects:  Empowering others to succeed





Name: James Macale, Counselor - BTO, A2B, TRIO SSS
Availability: Tuesdays 10:30 am - 7 pm, Thursdays 1 pm - 7 pm



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