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Welcome to the Office of Instruction. We support the college's mission of ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds receive quality instruction in general, transfer, career, and basic skills education.

We provide leadership and support to all instructional programs in the college offered in three instructional divisions: Business, Design, and Workforce, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology. In addition, we also  provide support for Athletics, Library, and the Learning Center.

Office of the Vice President for Instruction


Dr. Gregory Anderson, Vice President of Instruction (650) 306-3353

Joan (Jo'an) Rosario Tanaka, Executive Assistant (650) 306-3353 

Jose Peña, Curriculum and Instructional Systems Specialist (650) 306-3400

Jose A. Garcia, Visual Communications Coordinator (650) 306-3211

Business, Design, and Workforce Division

Linda Hayes, Division Dean (650) 306-3201

Jonna Pounds, Division Assistant (650) 306-3201

Peter Tam, Accounting Technician (650) 306-3736

Humanities and Social Sciences Division

Dr. David Johnson, Division Dean (650) 306-3350

Joan Murphy, Division Assistant (650) 306-3336

Gloria Peña, Office Assistant II (650) 306-3182

Science and Technology Division

Dr. Janet Stringer, Division Dean and Articulation Officer (650) 306-3291

Georgia Clark, Division Assistant (650) 306-3291


Valeria Estrada, Librarian (650) 306-3483 

Diana Tedone, Librarian (650) 306-3476

Michael Ferrari, Library Support Specialist (650) 306-3303

Paul Gaskins, Library Support Specialist (650) 306-3429

Carlos Luna, Library Support Specialist

Lauren Poelvoorde, Adjunct Librarian

Heather Schwappach, Adjunct Librarian

Christine Sibley, Adjunct Librarian

Lani Smith, Adjunct Librarian

Marie Varelas, Adjunct Librarian

Learning Center

Diva Ward, Learning Center Manager (650) 306-3104

Frank Austin, Instructional Aide II (650) 306-3437

Jonathan MacSwain, Instructional Aide II (650) 306-3468

Ozlem Yankin, Instructional Aide II

Julie Wilson, Assistant Professor

Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance

Mike Garcia, Athletic Director (650) 306-3212/3275

Nicholas Carr, Instructional Aide II (650) 306-3424

Kurt Devlin, Head Women's Soccer (650) 306-3180

Erik Gaspar, Head Men's Soccer (650) 306-3302

Cindy Jimenez, Certified Athletic Trainer and Assistant Professor (650) 306-3344

Alicia Karver, Head Women's Volleyball Coach (650) 306-3131

Tony Lucca, Head Men's Baseball Coach (650) 306-3269

Mike Reynoso, Head Men's Basketball Coach (650) 306-3168

Rick Velasquez, Head Women's Golf Coach (650) 306-3411


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