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Maps, Directions & Parking
Find Your Way to Cañada College and Around Campus

Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes


Spotlight On: Anthropology

Questions about Anthropology? Contact Professor Marshall at


ANTH 125 Physical Anthropology 


ANTH 125 3 units, M, W, 11:10am - 12:25pm, Fall 2015
(transfer CSU: B2, UC, IGETC: 5B)
CRN: 83708

ANTH 125 3 units, T, Th, 9:45am - 11:00am, Fall 2015
(transfer CSU: B2, UC, IGETC: 5B)
CRN: 89725

Use WebSMART to register.


ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology 

hand sifting

Why do you do what you do? Want all the Answers? 

ANTH 110 3 units, M,W, 9:45am - 11:00am, Fall 2015
(transfer: CSU: DSI, UC, IGETC:4)
CRN: 91568

Introduction to the various customs, traditions, and social organizations in both non-Western and Western societies. How is Facebook changing us? What is a traditional marriage? Are there more than two sexes?
Are we really all created equal? Am I more nature or nurture? Do societies need leaders? Is race real?

Use WebSMART to register.

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