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Bay Bridge to Engineering for Veterans

A new program at Cañada College will help local veterans transition into engineering careers.

A $465,000 grant from the State of California will fund San Mateo County’s Bay Bridge to Engineering for Veterans project. It will serve recently separated and Gulf War-era veterans in San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Alameda counties.

 “This program is designed to help veterans acquire advanced math skills so that they can transition their military experience to civilian education and eventual employment in an engineering field,” said Amelito Enriquez, professor of mathematics and engineering at Cañada College and the grant’s principal investigator (pictured above).

Veterans will work together in a cohort as they study the mathematics needed for lower-division engineering coursework. They’ll receive transfer credits internship opportunities, career exploration activities, assistance in transitioning their military skills to job opportunities with civilian employers, and a Computer Assisted Design certification that is integrated into their engineering studies.

“Having participants advance through the course sequence together will give them a support network,” Enriquez said. “They will move from high school math to the levels of calculus required for engineering studies in a nine-month period.”

At the end of the course, the group will be one academic year from transferring to a public or private college/university and three years from a Bachelors of Science degree in engineering, one of the highest in-demand and best paid occupations.  The grant model is particularly designed to promote transfer to a wide variety of engineering programs at Bay Area California State Universities

For more information, contact Amelito Enriquez at (650) 306-3261 or

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