A2B Program and Services

A2B's students receive access to a number of services designed to help them transfer to and learn about bachelor's programs in business, human services, early childhood education/child development, psychology, or nursing.  All services are provided at no cost to students!


The A2B Program provides:

  • Dedicated A2B counselors who can meet with you to update your Student Education Plan (SEP) and discuss your academic progress and goals
  • One-on-one from an A2B Program Services Coordinator who can help you find ways to achieve your academic and professional goals
  • Events focusing on your major of interest, including networking opportunities, major-related workshops, speaker series, and academic and transfer related workshops
  • Connections to vital campus resources such as:
  • Specialized library services and major-specific research help
  • Opportunities to audit upper-division courses through the University Center
  • and more!



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