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2013 Timeline for the Cañada College Accreditation Self-Evaluation

Key Dates



Fall 2010

Identify volunteers to serve on the accreditation committees

Volunteer lists were developed and individuals identified to serve as co-chairs for the committees

May 2011

Accreditation Oversight Committee meets for first time

Begins planning for development of the 2013 Self Evaluation; Standard committees appointed

Summer 2011

Preparation Activities

Begin development of college web page and sites for evidence

August 2011-April 2012

Committees meet

Research is conducted to determine how well the college is meeting the standards

April 2012

First Draft Completed

Each of the standard committees develops a first draft of the self-evaluation addressing the description, self-evaluation and planning agendas

May 2012


Feedback is provided on the first draft of the documents by peer reviewers and writing team

October 2012

Second Draft Completed

The second draft is reviewed by the standard committees and changes made as needed.

November-December 2012

Technical Review

Technical review teams are assigned to review the document.  Their feedback is provided to the editing team.

January-February 2013

Edited Review Draft Created

The editing team creates a “Review Draft” that is to be sent out for widespread review by campus community.

February 20-March 20, 2013

Review Draft Circulated throughout campus community

Reviews conducted by Participatory Governance groups: IPC, SSPC, APC, Academic and Classified Senates, Associated Student Body, and Planning & Budgeting Council, to include the PBC Accreditation Work Groups;

April 2013

Comments incorporated

Editing work group works with the Accreditation Oversight Committee to incorporate comments

May 15, 2013

Planning and Budgeting Council

Adopted Final Draft for review by Board of Trustees

June 15– July 15, 2013

Review by Board of Trustees

Comments provided to the colleges

July 24, 2013

Final Self-Evaluation

Adoption by the Board

October 21-24, 2013

 Accreditation Team Site Visit

The Site Visit Team will be on campus to validate the Self-Evaluation