Central Duplicating Services

The Central  Duplicating Office provides color and  black-white photocopying.  We also  provide binding, folding, cutting, padding, laminating and limited desk top publishing  service to the faculty and staff for recognized academic and administrative  college business.

Below are samples of some of the color print jobs we have  done. Call Central Duplicating to make arrangements for your project!

sample flyer     sample postcards     sample poster

Photocopying Information


  1. All work submitted must have approval by the  Division Office. Jobs may be sent via email and should be accompanied by a Central Duplicating Work Order and approved by the Division Dean/Division Assistant and forwarded to Central Duplicating with an Account/Budget number.  Without this number and signature, your work cannot be authorized.
  3. If  you have a special large project or a rush job, arrangements should be made with the Central Duplication Office as soon as possible. Special paper may need to be ordered and time can be set aside to complete your work by the due date.  (Some special paper requires 1-2 weeks for delivery.)
  5. Priority  is given to midterms and final examinations.  Work can take longer during these time periods.  During these times a minimum of 1-2 days  is needed for completion of work depending upon amount submitted and our office workload.  (We try to make our normal work turnaround time one day.
  7. To avoid costly re-duplication on work, please be sure to proofread work before submission
  9. The energy crisis does affect Central Duplicating. Large jobs requiring two sided copying is best accommodated in the early morning because it is cooler. The Xerox Copier is very sensitive to the heat, causing the paper to misfeed in the machine.  Heated paper can also curl which makes it difficult to run two sided jobs through the copier. Your materials will produce better in the cooler environment.
  11. COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS:  Duplication of copyrighted materials for ENTIRE books, manuals, or magazines must be authorized by your Division Dean. We MUST have written permission from the publishers before we can reprint whole items even if it is seven years beyond copyright date.
  13. ITEMS TO BE SOLD IN BOOKSTORE:  All items to be sold at the Bookstore must be submitted to the Bookstore Manager. Please write up the work  order form, sign it and send it to our office for processing. Indicate all special information you desire, i.e.:  color of paper, type of binding or stapling, one sided or front and back copying, etc.
  15. Most divisions have small copiers available for limited copying. The College Bookstore is also available to make copies. There is a small fee for this service. 

Work Order Request

Central Duplicating Work Order request

Work order forms are also located in each division mailroom or in your division office. Fill out a work order form, attach it to your work, and leave it in your division office mail box. It will be signed by the Division Dean or Staff Assistant, a budget number will be assigned, and then it will be sent to us for completion. 


If  there are any questions, please call extension 3315, or email us at cancentraldup@smccd.edu.  We are  here to help you!