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Labor Market and Employment Information:

We have posted Labor Market and Employment Information here to illustrate some of the quantitative metrics we use at the CWD. Industry trends are measured both quantitatively and qualitatively, in partnership with the Employment Development Department, Centers of Excellence, and our discipline specific Advisory Boards. We track trends and study economic sectors related to academic disciplines.This research keeps us current with changes in occupations, skills and knowledge needed to secure gainful employment and social mobility in the fast changing economy, especially in the two economic sectors with the highest regional workforce demand: Allied Health and Information and Communications Technologies/Digital Media.


Labor Market information for Recycling & Materials Management (R&MM):

February 2014:

  • refuse and recyclable material collector
  • hazardous materials removal worker
  • recycling and reclamation worker
  • recycling coordinator
  • commercial/industrial designer working with recycled materials
  • manufacturing production technician working with recycled materials

For the six occupations studied, more than 7,400 jobs could be created by R&MM firms over the next two years, representing a 24% growth rate over the period. Download key findings from the study or the entire report through the COE Website at:

Recycling and Materials Management Occupations (pdf) - December 2013