Start earning college credit as a high school student at Cañada College for FREE

High School Students: Do you want to get a jump start on college or a future career?  Our High School programs offer on and off-campus classes to help you earn college credit that you can apply to your degree or certificate.

  • Save money
  • Discover academic and career interests
  • Gain an understanding of college culture

Middle College

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A nontraditional high school collaboration between Cañada College and the Sequoia Union High School District. Students finish earning their high school requirements and start earning college credits.

Middle College

Concurrent Enrollment

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Allows students to enroll in Cañada College courses while they are still in high school, providing an “early start” on their college experience for free.

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Dual Enrollment

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High school students taking college courses, taught by college professors, at their high school campus. Earn college and high school credits.

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First Year College Experience

Provides first-time, full-time, college students financial and academic support for two-three years. The program includes textbook assistance, food or transportation vouchers, dedicated counseling and career support.



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