California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

The State of California offers a CCPG for students who are residents of the State of California and who are eligible for need-based financial aid. The CCPG pays your enrollment fee for the academic year once eligibility has been determined. Other fees, such as the health, materials, parking, student body, and student representation fees must be paid by you.

It is strongly recommended that you complete the FAFSA or Dream Application for the CCPG program to see if you are eligible for additional financial assistance. CCPG-only applications are available on-line through WebSMART. You must be admitted to Cañada College before you can access WebSMART. Eligibility for a CCPG may be determined under less strict dependency criteria than federal funding requires (example: a 19 year old student who is unmarried and does not support anyone may be considered independent for the CCPG if s/he was not claimed on the parent’s federal income tax during the previous year and no longer lives with a parent).

There are four types of CCPG:

CCPG-A:  If you are independent, to be eligible you must be currently receiving TANF, CALWORKS, General Assistance, or SSI/SSP, or if you are dependent, your parent(s)must be currently receiving any of these types of assistance.

CCPG-B: To be eligible you must meet the State defined Income Limits OR have a "0" EFC on your Student Aid Report. The 2019-20 income standards listed below are based on income for the 2017 tax year. The 2020-21 income standards listed below are based on income for the 2018 tax year. If you are independent, use your income (and spouse’s) only. If you are dependent, use your parents' income only:

Family Size


Total 2017 Income



Total 2018 Income


$18,210 or less

  $18,735 or less


$24,690 or less

  $25,365 or less


$31,170 or less

  $31,995 or less


$37,650 or less

  $38,625 or less


$44,130 or less

  $45,255 or less


$50,610 or less

  $51,885 or less


$57,090 or less

  $58,515 or less


$$63,570 or less

  $65,145 or less

Each Additional
Family Member









CCPG-C: Qualify based on at least $1,104 of need based on the FAFSA or Dream Application.
Note: EOP&S require either CCPG A or B eligibility or an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 0 to receive their services.

CCPG – Special Classification

If you meet any of the following criteria, you may be eligible for a fee waiver under the Special Classification guidelines. Certification is provided by various agencies. Please contact the Cañada College Financial Aid Office for assistance.

  • Eligible dependent of deceased or disabled veteran
  • Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor or dependent
  • Dependent of California National Guard
  • Dependent of victim of September 11, 2001 terrorist attack
  • Dependent of deceased California law enforcement/fire suppression personnel killed in the line of duty
  • Students who have been exonerated

Apply for the on-line CCPG (WebSMART >> Apply for a Fee Waiver)