Step 5: Exercises

Push-up on the Stability Ball

Difficulty level:


Target Mucsle Groups:

Pectoralis Major and Core

Secondary Muscles:

Anterior Deltoid and Triceps Muscles


Stability Ball


Improved strength of pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, and triceps muscles. Teaches the cooperative contradiction of the core/hip/anterior shoulder girdle muscles. Trains the stabilizing muscles.

Starting Position:

Place hands on the stability ball just outside shoulder width.

Arms are extended without locking the elbows.

Engage the core. The heels, hips and shoulders should form a straight line. Don't let the hips sag.

Place hands on ball just outside shoulder width.

Place hands on ball just outside shoulder width.

Engage abdominal muscles by pulling the navel towards the spine.

Squeeze (engage) the gluteal muscles during the exercise.

Lower the upper body to a position several inches above the ball, or until you can no longer maintain balance and core stability. Lower your body only as far as you can stay stable.

Pause at the bottom of the movement for a count before moving back to the starting position.

Slowly return to the starting position by extending the arms without locking the elbows.

Discontinue the exercise if you can not maintain the straight line through the heels, hips and shoulders.

Keep the spine neutral throughout the exercise. Do not arch your back or drop your chin.

Lower body to position several inches above ball.
Lower body to position several inches above ball.

return to starting position

Return to starting position by extending arms. Maintain straight line through heels, hips and shoulders.