Step 5: Exercises

Triceps Press Down – Rope Grip on Cable Machine

Difficulty level:


Target Muscle Group:

Arms – Triceps Muscle

Secondary Muscles:

Fore Arm Extensor Muscles


Fixed Machine


Strengthens Triceps

Starting Position:

Read the instruction placard before using this or any machine.

Select the appropriate weight.

Ensure a neutral spine by contracting deep abdominal muscles, keeping the chin level, and the gluteal muscles tight.

Stand with feet pointed straight ahead, knees slightly bent, aligned with the second toe.

Throughout the exercise keep shoulders low and chest high.

Grip the rope with both palms facing inward. Elbows should be at your side and flexed at 60 to 90 degrees.


grip rope with palms facing inward and elbows at side

Grip rope with palms facing inward. Elbows at side.


Maintain a neutral spine position throughout the exercise.

Press down, extending your arms until they are almost straight.

Avoid locking the elbows, rocking forward, or arching the back.

Keep the chin level.

Pause for a count of one at the bottom of the movement before slowly returning to the starting position. Do not allow the weight to pull your elbows up when returning to the starting position.


press down, extending arms. Do not lock elbows

Press down, extending arms until almost straight. Do not lock elbows.