Math Jam

 Tutor assisting student

We just finished January Jams Winter 2020! Looking forward to JAMS coming up in JUNE.


Math Jam is an engaging, interactive 5-day math program utilizing curriculum specifically created by faculty to create a "mini course" to help students to learn coursework that covers most of the concepts that they will see in their upcoming math course. 


Math Jam will:

  • Better prepare students for their upcoming math classes
  • Connect students with math faculty, tutors, and peers
  • Connect students to academic resources and services


There are three Math Jam opportunities each year, all held during the intersession period that falls between semesters. Summer Math Jams are held in June and August and Winter Math Jam in January. Students can participate in either the Daytime or Evening sessions.


The Math Jam Program at Cañada College offers students the opportunity to better prepare for their upcoming math courses. It is an engaging, interactive experience guided by instructors and tutors. The goal of Math Jam is to give students the tools they need to complete the requirements for an Associates Degree or transfer to a 4-year university.


Day Program:

 Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm

Evening Program: 

Monday through Friday 6-9pm




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