Physics Jam

The next Physics Jam will be in August 9th to 13th, 2021. It is being dual offered as a Hy-Flex course (both on campus and online). Join us in-person or participate in the Live Stream through Zoom!

Sign-ups open now!



For more information visit the Learning Center Help Desk Virtually

Monday-Thursday from 9AM-6PM

What is Physics Jam?

One week of intense physics curriculum and pratice. One physics faculty member will work within the Pearson My Math test platform to create a "mini course" to help students to learn and practice physics concepts that will prepare them for their up and coming physics course.

During Physics Jam:

  • You'll refresh yourself on the specific math concepts that you'll be using in your upcoming course.
  • You'll learn valuable study skills to help you tackle new problems and concepts.
  • You'll have access to physics tutors and instructors invested in your success.
  • You'll get introduced to some of the physics concepts that you'll learn in the first few weeks of your physics course.
  • You'll get to see some awesome physics videos and have the reasoning explained!
  • You'll get free lunch for every day that you participate

 Why Physics Jam?

  • Students who participate in at least 1 week of Physics Jam are more successful in their subsequent physics course than colleagues that do not participate in the program.
  • Have fun while learning new concepts and preparing for your semester.
  • As a member of physics jam, you'll have access to a complete set of recommended videos and examples that you can use for the entire semester!