A Moveable Feast - Honors Courses Are for Everyone!

Mon, 6 August, 2012 at 12:37 pm
Honors courses at Cañada College are for everyone! One of the most popular courses is the Honors Seminar - A Moveable Feast.

Art, theater and music set a four-course banquet for students interested in an interdisciplinary taste of intriguing, challenging arts experiences. In this seminar class, attendance, led by faculty, at art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances is preceded by a preparatory lecture/demonstration, and is followed by reflection and discussion.

Events are chosen from the Bay Area's rich buffet of art museums, theater, opera and music. Students have the opportunity to do research (and perform, if they wish) in the field of art that stimulates their intellect and inspires their creative palate. Honors credit will also be earned for both ART 680CB and the approved, concurrently enrolled course, upon completion with a grade of A or B.

Here are some of the benefits students receive for enrolling in this class:
  • Take advantage of the great art experiences in the Bay Area
  • You don't need any arts background.  Two professors, one in Art History, one in Music  will thoroughly prepare you for your arts experiences
  • Get out of the classroom!  Visits to museums and the opera, led by professors, provide a richer, more meaningful arts experience
  • Tickets to the museums and opera are free!
  • Honors courses enhance your resume and improve your chances of getting into the college of your choice
  • Students in this course have a high success rate of being chosen to present their work at the Bay Area Honors Consortium at Stanford and UC Berkeley
  • Interdisciplinary integrative courses have a greater degree of student success
  • You do not have to be part of the Honors Program to enroll in this class
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