Candice Nance Joins Cañada to Build a High-Flying International Business Program

Thu, 24 January, 2013 at 8:51 am

The former Ohlone College instructor has a passion for business and flying


San Jose’s Candice Nance is ready to build an international business program at Cañada College that soars as high as some of the vintage aircraft that she loves.
Nance is beginning her first semester at Cañada this spring. She has worked in marketing and communications at a variety of organizations such as NASA, IPC Information Systems, and Stanford University. Her teaching career began as an adjunct business instructor at Ohlone College in 2010. She teaches students about international business and how to effectively navigate the ever-changing world of technology.
“With the current globalization of the workforce, there is a huge demand for workers with both business and cultural skills,” she said. “Today’s students need to understand the bigger picture in business and the ever-changing business world.”
Because Cañada sits at the edge of Silicon Valley, students don’t have to look far to see the impacts of globalization on the business world. “If they open the paper they can see that local companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google are struggling around the globe with privacy and access issues as they try to work under different laws.”
Nance is developing courses at Cañada in International Business, International Marketing, International Business Law, and International Finance. She is working to align the school’s curriculum with the North American Small Business International Trade Educators Association Certified Global Business Professional Credential. It is considered the benchmark for competency in global commerce.
“The goal is to have the college become a certified training center,” she said. “Having CGPB credentials will bring students to the college to study international business but they’ll also take other classes so it will be positive for other academic areas of the college.”
While Nance is passionate about building a strong international business program at Cañada, she’s also passionate about flying. She is a self-described aviation fanatic with more than 200 hours of flight time in small aircraft. She pilots Citabria and Cessna aircraft. “My most memorable flights were in a Tigermoth biplane out of Duxford Airport in Cambridge, England and in a P-51 Mustang out of Livermore.”

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