Cañada Fashion Student Crowned Judges’ Winner at Comic-Con

Mon, 11 September, 2023 at 4:05 pm

Rachel Petterson, is a dedicated Cañada College Fashion student and a full-time software engineer. Her career allows her to channel her creative energies into her designs, striking a harmonious balance between technology and artistry. She just won her first fashion show at the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con! 

Rachel's remarkable journey began when she entered the prestigious "Her Universe Fashion Show," an event that celebrates the fusion of fandom and fashion. In this year's show, which paid homage to the enchanting world of Disney, Rachel stood out among 250 design entries and secured a spot among the 25 finalists. The competition was fierce, but Rachel's exceptional creativity and vision moved her forward.

Rachel Petterson poses for a photo while wearing her “Totally Minnie” design at the Her Universve Fashion Show

As a finalist, Rachel embarked on the exhilarating journey of turning her vision into reality. Her design, “Totally Minnie,” was a fusion of Minnie Mouse's timeless charm with the bold spirit of the '80s, and a testament to her exceptional perspective and innovative flair. The runway awaited her at San Diego Comic-Con, where she showcased her creation alongside fellow finalists. The culmination of this journey saw Rachel being crowned as one of the two winners, an honor that carried immense significance. 

Rachel's triumph unlocked a world of opportunities. With her victory, she earned the chance to collaborate with Her Universe, Hot Topic and Disney to design a collection. 

Rachel posing for a photo at the prestigious "Her Universe Fashion Show" with three other people

Rachel's deep appreciation for the classes she has taken at Cañada College is evident. From formal education to experiential learning, she has embraced every opportunity to refine her craft. Her journey with sewing began at a young age, but it was through Cañada College's structured courses that she truly harnessed her skills. Fashion classes, such as Intermediate Garment Construction with Professor Ronda Chaney, ignited a transformation in her approach to design. These were all contributing factors to her big win and we look forward to seeing where her passion and skill take her next.

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