Lauren Rankin Named to National Community College Academic Team

Wed, 19 March, 2014 at 7:15 am
A Cañada College accounting major who enrolled in college as a high school freshman and currently lives in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood helping people with drug and alcohol dependency has been named to the Phi Theta Kappa Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team.

Lauren Rankin, who grew up in San Carlos and was home-schooled until she enrolled at Cañada, said she is honored by the $1,500 scholarship and designation as a Coca-Cola Gold Scholar but will not be traveling to Orlando, Florida in April for the convention because of her volunteer work. “I believe the best leaders are those who serve others. Being ahead several years in school allowed me to take some time off from academics and really focus on my leadership and spiritual growth by serving others.”

Rankin is a volunteer at San Francisco City Impact in the Tenderloin, a ministry dedicated to helping intervene on behalf of the people in one of the city’s most impoverished neighborhoods. “Initially, I wanted to serve in a Third World country but after visiting the Tenderloin I realized there was far too much need locally,” Rankin said.

As an intern with City Impact, she works at the organization’s thrift store which aids customers who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. She also attends two different classes designed to better her leadership, deepen her faith, and improve her communication skills. “Several times a week I go to the Jefferson Hotel which houses some of the neighborhood’s poorest residents. At the hotel, I go door-to-door creating relationships with the residents by handing out food, encouragement, and prayer. During the week I also lead volunteers into the low-income hotels for meal deliveries and on prayer walks and street ministry at night. It is my responsibility to keep my team safe.”

Lauren’s sister, Rachel, was also a Cañada College student and named to the PTK Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team.

“They were both wonderful students and deserving of the honor,” said Paul Roscelli, economics professor and faculty advisor for Cañada’s award-winning PTK chapter. 

Rankin has applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC Santa Barbara and hopes to become a certified public accountant and work in a major firm. “Eventually, down the road, I would love to use my knowledge of leadership, finance and management to keep serving people because that is where I find the most joy and fulfillment.”
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