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Education & Human Development Students Launches Digital Book

Mon, 26 October, 2020 at 4:31 pm

Over the summer, the Education & Human Development (EHD) student club, Educators Now, wrote and illustrated a digital children’s book addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. “Adventures of the Mighty Five: Fighting Corvin & His Creeps” tells the story of five young children who become heroes protecting their community from COVID-19. The Coronavirus is personified as an alien named Corvin, who along with his virus buddies the “Creeps,” intend to harm humans.

When the pandemic began, students in the Educators Now Club began holding meetings over Zoom and discussed the importance to continue outreach into their community, especially since the pandemic held many new challenges for families and children. With this, the Cañada students began sharing resources and ideas surrounding child development and education.

“It was important to me to use bright and engaging colors, identifiable details, and a visually diverse cast of characters in making the pictures for the book, said EHD student and Educators Now Club member, Alia Tu, who was also one of the book illustrators. She mentioned that the goal of the project was to encourage children’s active learning, critical thinking and overall enjoyment of the book.

Tu added, “I loved seeing the world and characters we had created visually come to life and am very grateful to have been a part of it. I hope our work can be a resource for families, children and educators as we learn to live safely and wisely with the new reality around us.”

The goal of the book is to nurture children’s resilience during this challenging time in fun and developmentally appropriate ways. A PDF copy of the book can be downloaded here so families and children can read it their own way. Or, it can be watched through the digital version of the book which includes suggested activities to help children be “heroes” during the pandemic and to encourage them to protect themselves and others. 

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