Women’s Tennis Team: 2022 Coast Conference Champions

Mon, 4 April, 2022 at 12:17 pm


The Colts are 2022 Coast Conference Champions!


The Cañada College Women’s Tennis Team looked to finish their season with their match against the Vikings of West Valley College with a Conference Title to their name.

In the final Dual Team match of the regular season, the Colts started on the attack early, looking to upend the Vikings in the Doubles. The Colts #1 Doubles Team of Zuzia Dziewieçka and Josie Thompson brought the energy quickly with their win over WVC's Seraphina Vossen and Abby Prokter. The trend was quickly followed by Susan Kettering's and Claudia Westrum's win at #3 Doubles.

Going into the Singles Matches, the Colts felt confident with a 2-1 lead over the Vikings, and Cañada's respective #1 (Zuzia Dziewieçka) and #6 (Cori Mehring) secured a 4-2 lead, bringing the Colts within 1 line of a Conference Title.

At Line 5, Lauren Denenberg came in clutch and secured a 6-0, 7-5 victory over WVC's Natasha Sackx, bringing the Coast Conference Championship back to the Campus on the Hill.

The Colts now look to the Coast Conference Individual Championship Tournament and Regional Playoffs.


West Valley College (8-3) at Cañada College (10-1)


  1. Zuzia Dziewieçka/Josie Thompson (Cañ) def. Seraphina Vossen/Abby Prokter (WVC), 8-3
  2. Z. Aynaci/Sonya Hu (WVC) def. Lauren Denenberg/Michaela Llewelyn (Cañ), 8-5
  3. Susan Kettering/Claudia Westrum (Cañ) def. Natasha Sackx/Brynn McKenzie (WVC), 8-2


  1. Z. Dziewieçka (C) def. S. Vossen (W), 6-2, 6-1
  2. A. Prokter (W) def. M. Llewelyn (C), 6-3, 6-3
  3. J. Thompson (C) def. Z. Aynaci (W), 7-6(5), 6-2
  4. S. Hu (W) def. S. Kettering (C), 6-1, 6-0
  5. L. Denenberg (C) def. N. Sackx (W), 6-0, 7-5
  6. C. Mehring (C) def. B. McKenzie (W), 6-1, 6-2

Cañada def. West Valley, 6-3

*Cañada College Women's Tennis Team clinches Coast Conference Championship and ITA Regional Playoff Berth

In addition, the San Mateo Daily Journal wrote a story about the team and you can read the story here.

Go Colts!

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