Transfer Services Help Students Find their Dream Universities

Tue, 26 October, 2021 at 2:27 pm



The Transfer Center at Cañada College provides a varied amount of information about universities for students to find the best fit for them. Soraya Sohrabi, Counselor at the Transfer Center, was very informative about the process a student should take when transferring. “From here you can go anywhere,” a line Cañada takes pride in. When visiting the Transfer Center website,  students can view a diverse list of universities ranging from Universities of California (UCs), to out of state universities. For Transfer Day, held on October 26, students were able to contact ambassadors from the university they are interested in by simply clicking on the school. This way, students could ask their own questions and know who to contact for additional information. 


One of the biggest pieces of advice Soraya shared for students is to have questions ready, and to also know their major before attending the meetings. Finding the school best for you should have the qualities that you want: the major, the environment, the activities you join, etc. It’s important to consider all of these factors before deciding whether or not to apply. The resources listed also helps to lower the stress of figuring out where to transfer because there are also scholarships students can work towards. 


Cañada wants every student to feel successful and the Transfer Center is the best place to start. “Don’t begin your research until the year you have to transfer,” Soraya says. “It's better to have a plan and be confident in the school you’re going towards.” Along with the great deal of resources on the website,  contact information is provided. Soraya Sohrabi and Gloria Darafshi, both counselors, make a wonderful team providing counseling and support to students.


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