New PATH Program helps allied health students finish science prerequisites quicker

Mon, 14 May, 2012 at 12:28 pm
A new program designed to help allied health students complete their science prerequisites in less than 18 months is set to begin Aug. 20 at Cañada College.

The Preparation for Advanced Training in Healthcare (PATH) will accept two cohorts of 30 students. Students accepted into the program will be guaranteed admission into biology, chemistry, psychology, and math classes that are often impacted due to budget constraints. One cohort is designed for students who have completed Chemistry 410 (Chemistry for Health Sciences) and the second cohort is available for students who have not completed this chemistry requirement.

"This will help students who need the prerequisites to study nursing, radiologic technology, pharmacy, respiratory therapy and other allied health programs," said Vice President of Instruction Sarah Perkins. Students will also benefit from studying in a cohort. "We know there are many students around the Bay Area having a difficult time entering these fields because they can't access the lower-level science classes they need to apply. This program provides access."

The program is funded by a district wide grant awarded to the San Mateo Community College District from the Allied Health Career Advancement Academy (CAA). To apply, you must be eligible to enroll in English 100. Eligibility to enroll in Math 200 is highly recommended. The CAA offers preference for qualifying U.S. Veterans and their families.

For more information about the program or to fill out an application, go to our website. If you have questions email us at or call Jeri at (650) 306-3304.
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