Cañada Star Party - March 8, 2019

Thu, 14 March, 2019 at 10:29 am
On Friday night, March 8th Cañada Astronomy hosted its Spring Star Party. After a week of gloomy weather the skies cleared just in time to entertain over thirty sky enthusiasts. Facilities and Public Safety helped put on the event by closing off Lot 10 for the event. Guests had an opportunity to look at the Great Orion Nebula, the Seven Sisters, and even a galaxy. Professor Elteto was eagerly answering questions about the birth and death of stars, as well as entertain the group with tales of the constellation Orion. One enthusiastic student brought her young children as well to look through the telescopes.
The students of the Astronomy Club hosted the event in Building 21 with some food, a gravity well demonstration, as well as a lecture on Black Holes.

Cañada Astronomy hosts star parties open to the public each semester. Our fall semester Star Party is likely to be in October.
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