Data Dashboard

The Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) maintains a series of data dashboards in Power BI which are available to the public.  These include college-wide data that can be filtered across a variety of variables.  The three dashboards are:

Student Characteristics Effectiveness Productivity

 Student Characteristics

  • Student demographics (race/ethnicity, gender, age)
  • Enrollment (total enrollments as well as total number of individual students)
  • Student Enrollment Status
  • Student Educational Goals

Each of these can be filtered by academic division, department, and course and viewed by academic term.  There are three tabs in this dashboard.  Feel free to toggle between them to see the data as percentages or actual counts.


This dashboard considers the student outcomes of each course at the College.  When a student receives a grade of "C" or better, or a passing grade, it is counted as a "success."  If the student does not withdraw from the class before the term is over, the student is "retained" in the class. The data can be viewed by:

  • Department or course
  • Student demographic (race/ethnicity, gender, age)
  • Student enrollment status (full time, part time)
  • Instructional modality (face to face, 100% online, hybrid)
  • Time of day of the class
  • Whether the course credit is transferable to a four-year institution

There are two tabs in this dashboard.  Feel free to toggle between them to see the data as percentages or actual counts.


This dashboard considers the number of contact hours per student per full time faculty equivalent per course.  This is referred to as the course's productivity or "load."  The data can be viewed by department, by course, by term and filtered by mode of instruction, transfer-level of the course, and time of day of the course.

For more information please contact the PRIE Office at (650) 306-3145 or email Dean Engel at

Data Packets

Program Review Data Packets provide information for program review authors to evaluate their programs. Data includes: (a) productivity report; (b) student characteristics report; and (c) effectiveness report.

Each report addresses different elements that can help authors address the program review questions and help them evaluate their program effectiveness.

For 2018-19 Program Review

For 2017-18 Program Review

For 2016-17 Program Review

For 2015-16 Program Review

For 2014-15 Program Review

For 2013-14 Program Review 

For 2012-13 Program Review

For 2011-12 Program Review