Required Curriculum

Summer Intersession

RADT 400 Orientation 2.0 units

Semester I Fall

RADT 408 Perspectives in Radiology 1.5 units

RADT 410 Radiographic Positioning 4.0 units

PHYS 405 Radiation Physics 3.0 units

RADT 418 Clinical Education I 4.0 units

Semester II Spring

RADT 415 Rad Protection & Biology 3.0 units

RADT 420 Radiographic Positioning II 4.0 units

RADT 428 Clinical Education II 5.0 units

RADT 430 Principals of Rad Exposure 3.5 units

Summer Intercession

RADT 438 Clinical Education III 2.5 units

Semester III Fall

RADT 435 Imaging Equipment & Q.C. 1.5 units

RADT 440 Advanced Imaging 4.0 units

RADT 441 Sectional Anatomy 1.5 units

RADT 448 Clinical Ed. IV 6.5 units

Semester IV Spring

RADT 442 Radiographic Pathology 1.5 units

RADT 450 Registry Review 1.5 units

RADT 458 Clinical Ed. V 7.0 units

RADT 474 Venipuncture for Contrast Media Administration 1.0 units

Summer Intercession

RADT 468 Clinical Ed. VI 5.0 units

NOTE: Clinical Supervision

Current CPR for health providers and approved by the American Heart Association is required for clinical education assignments. Completion of general education and other graduation requirements is necessary for A.S. degree.

Completion of the program will allow you to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) and State of California examination, certification, and licensure in Radiology Technology (CRT).

Transfer Policy

All students begin at the same level. There are no provisions for advanced placement in the Radiologic Technology Program. The program does not accept transfer students from other Radiologic Technology Programs.

Official transcripts and clinical records documenting exams performed and clinical hours are made available to currently enrolled students who wish to transfer to another Radiologic Technology Program.