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These are some websites that will help you practice your reading, writing and editing skills:

A Writer’s Reference: Sixth Edition
Provides exercises in writing, grammar, and research. Includes language debates, model papers, and research and documentation online.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Everything you need to know about writing and grammar including quizzes.

Online Writing Lab (Purdue)
Writing help, links to other writing labs, and Internet links for various subjects

ACE practice reading tests
Practice your reading skills with these on-line tests.

ESL Resources for students and teachers
Resources (all skills and levels) for ESL teachers and students.

Teaching Resources

Google Docs is a free resource for faculty and students that can be used in the following ways:

  1. Collaborative Writing Projects
  2. Surveying students

Teach Collaborative Revision with Google Docs

Revision is a critical piece of the writing process—and of your classroom curriculum. Now, Google Docs has partnered with Weekly Reader’s Writing for Teens magazine to help you teach it in a meaningful and practical way.

The sharing features of Google Docs enable you and your students to decide exactly who can access and edit documents. You’ll find that Google Docs helps promote group work and peer editing skills, and that it helps to fulfill the stated goal of The National Council of Teachers of English, which espouses writing as a process and encourages multiple revisions and peer editing.

On this page, you will find several reproducible PDF articles from Writing magazine filled with student-friendly tips and techniques for revision. You'll also find a teacher’s guide that provides you with ideas for how to use these materials with Google Docs to create innovative lesson plans about revision for your classroom.

Getting Started

1) Download a step-by-step tutorial [pdf] for Google Docs.
2) Learn about the comments and revision features of Google Docs [pdf].

3) Download, print, and share the following articles [pdf] with your students:

  • With a Little Help From My Friends: The Gifts of a Writing Buddy
  • Writing's Top 10 Tips for Revision
  • Collaborative Revision Checklist
  • Individual Revision Checklist

4) Download our Educators Guide: Teaching Revision with Google Docs

After reviewing our activity ideas and Google Docs tutorials, you may develop your own lesson plans and ideas. We want to hear from you! We invite you to share your curriculum ideas with the Google Educators community through our Google for Educators Discussion Group.

Active Learning with Powerpoint

University of Minnesota's tutorial on using Active Learning with PowerPoint.

Grammar for ESL/EFL teachers

Avariety of ways to learn about English grammar and about the teaching of English grammar to ESL/EFL students.