Cañada Offers New Program for Working Adults

Cañada College has a new program to help working adults earn an associate degree in three years while attending classes on Thursday nights and Saturdays.

Students participating in the Cañada College for Working Adults will receive a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Science and/or Humanities. It prepares students for a variety of careers related to education, law, social work, business, and politics.

“Every credit earned in this program is transferrable to public and private colleges and universities,” said Cañada College Vice President of Instruction Sarah Perkins. “Students follow a predetermined plan of classes, eliminating guesswork about degree and transfer requirements.”

Students receive priority enrollment in classes, one-on-one academic advising, and they’ll take classes that are integrated to help link and reinforce learning.  “Having a cohort of working adults taking the same classes on the same days will provide a network for students that will ultimately help them succeed,” said Jeri Eznekier, program coordinator.

For more information about the program or to sign up to participate in the first cohort, contact Eznekier at (650) 306-3304 or email You can also visit the program website at