Pathway to Calculus

Do you want to get ready for calculus? This course is a one semester alternative specifically designed for Science and Engineering majors. You can complete Math 251: Calculus pre-requisite in just onesemester. Get access to additional support and tutoring to help you focus on learning math and complete the course successfully.

What: Math 225 – Pathway to Calculus (6 units)

When: Offered each semester

How: Enroll in Math 225 (This course is available to students eligible for Math 130: Trigonometry)

We strongly recommend students interested in this course to meet with a Retention Specialist or STEM Counselor to discuss class requirements and your semester schedule.

Below is a list of people you can meet with to learn more about your options:

Gonzalo Arrizon (Retention Specialist\English Adjunct Instructor)

Science and Technology - STEM Center
(650) 306-3463

Sally Heath (STEM Retention Specialist and Mesa Adjunct Counselor)

Science and Technology - STEM Center

Sandra Rodrigues (STEM Counselor)

Student Services - Counseling