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Printing Instructions

  • Prints are 12¢ per page
  • Purchase a Print/Copy Card in order to print in the Library or Learning Center (50¢)

The Print/Copy Card:

Vend Card print card

  1. How do I get a Print/Copy card needed to print?
  2. How do I add money to my Print/Copy card?
  3. How do I print from the Library's Dell PCs?
  4. How do I print from the Library's Mac computers?
  5. How do I print from the Library's PC laptops?
  6. How do I print from my own PC or Mac laptop from ANYWHERE on campus?
  7. How do I pay for and release the document I printed?
  8. Frequently Asked Questions:

To Buy a Print/Copy Card: To Add Money to Your Print/Copy Card:
copy card tower Card readed on front of copy machine

Print/Copy Cards cost 50¢ and can be purchased in the Copy Center, using 2 quarters, at the tower next to the left-hand copy machine. Tthe Copy Center is located across from the Circulation Desk.

Once you purchase your Print Copy/Card, please write your name and G-Number on the back of it.

When you buy a Print/Copy Card, it comes with 25¢ already on it. This can be used to print two pages. To add money to your Print/Copy Card, insert it into the Card Reader located on the front on either copy machine and insert your money.

When you have added your desired amount, hit the Eject button to return your Print/Copy Card.

Unfortunately, the Library cannot issue refunds for unused money placed on Print/Copy Cards. We encourage you not to load a large amount of money on the Print/Copy cards.


Printing from Dell PCs in the Library

1. Click on File.

2. When the File menu comes up, click on Print.

'File' and 'Print'

3. When the Print Window opens up, make sure the printer selected is CANLIBPIN1-HOLD.

4. Click on Print.

choose CANLIBPIN1-HOLD printer

5. When the Print Control For The Desktop window opens up, type in either your G-Number or last name and first initial under Client ID. This window also will tell you how many pages you want to print and how much it will cost.

6. Click on Print Document.

Print Control for Desktop dialog box


Printing from the Library's Mac Computers, the Library's PC Laptops, or My Own PC/Mac Laptop

Important note about Apple iWorks documents: Documents saved as an Apply iWorks format cannot be printed. They must be exported and saved as a PDF before printing.

1. Go to website using any web browser.

2. Type in your G-number or last name and first initial under Enter User Info. This will be used to pick up your printed documents from the Print Release Station in the Copy Center of the Library.

3. Under Select Document, you may select your document for printing using one of two methods:

    Method A: Printing from a Website
    Copy the URL (web address) and paste it in the text box.
    NOTE: Articles from databases cannot be printed using this method. They must be saved to the hard drive or to a USB first and then printed using method B.

    Method B: Printing a document on your Computer, USB Drive, or CD
    Click on Browse and search for the document.

4. Then, click on the Arrow icon to continue.

Stesp 2 & 3: Enter ID and select document for printing

5. The number of pages of the document you requested to print will be counted.

6. Once the number of pages has been counted and cost calculated, click on the green button with a printer outline to print your document.

Steps 5 & 6: # of pages and cost are calculated

7. Once you receive the confirmation indicating that your page has been processed, you can close the window or click on the back arrow to process additional documents.

After approximately a minute, your document can be paid and printed in the Copy Center of the Library. For instructions on how to pay for and print your document, see the Paying For And Printing Your Document section.

Step 7: print request  processed


Paying For and Printing Your Document

All printed documents can be paid for and released at the Print Release Station in the Copy Center. print release station
1. Insert your Print/Copy Card in the Card Reader located on the right side of the computer monitor. card reader
2. When asked to type in your Student ID, type in EXACTLY what you typed in at the computer you printed from. This should be either your G-Number or last name and first initial. 3. Click OK. print release station

4. If you typed your G-Number or last name and first initial correctly, your document will appear on the Print Queue.

5. Press Print Document. Then your document will be printed on the HP Printer to the right of the Print Release Station.

Steps 4 & 5: enter G number and Print Document

Frequestly Asked Questions

1. Can I print multiple documents using the same G-Number or last name and first initial?

The answer is YES! After typing in your G-Number or last name and first initial correctly at the Print Release Station, you will see all the documents you have requested to print in the Print Queue. To select each document individually, press and hold the CTRL key and click on the documents you would like to print. Then, press Print Document.

2. Can I print from my laptop and then one of the Library's computers using my G-Number or last name and first initial?

The answer is YES! Regardless of what printing method you use, ALL documents you print using your G-Number or last name and first initial will be listed on the screen.

3. Can I print my document on both sides of the paper?

Unfortrunately, no. Our printer cannot support double-sided printing at this time.

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