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Catalog-Rights Version of the 2019-2020 Catalog

2019-2020 Catalog CoverDownload the Catalog-Rights version of 2019-2020 Cañada College Catalog PDF here, or please click on the catalog image.

  • This version was published beginning of Fall 2019 semester, and it is your contract with the college.
  • It remains unchanged from the first day of publishing.
  • At the end of the Summer 2020 semester, we will ARCHIVE both this original, Catlog-Rights version, as well as the final, updated PDF version, found here in our new Catalog Website. 

For the complete list of changes to the 2019-2020 catalog, please see the chart below.




Catalog Updates, Corrections, and Curriculum Amendments to the 2019-2020 Catalog

DATE Amendments, Changes, C-ID Approvals 
  Catalog Version 2, published on 9/27/19, contains the following changes: 
 8/19/19 The state of California has approved the Cloud ComputingCertificate of Achievement and has been added to the current catalog.
 9/9/19 The State Chancellor’s Office has approved the Video Game Design Certificate of Achievement and has been added to the current catalog.
 9/26/19 Updated AA/AS Degree worksheet, section 6: Majors"Either 12 units or fifty percent of the units required for the major, whichever is fewer, must be completed at Cañada College"
 9/26/19 Removed UC Transfer restriction on MART 362 and MART 376
 9/26/19  Revised definitions for Certificates of Achievements and Skills Certificates
  Catalog Version 3, published on 10/30/19, contains the above amendments plus the following changes: 
10/30/19 The following courses have received C-ID approvals: CBOT 415 (C-ID BSOT 110 X), CBOT 417 (C-ID BSOT 120 X), CBOT 435 (C-ID BSOT 112 X; C-ID BSOT 122 X), CBOT 475 (C-ID BSOT 106 X), CIS 122 (C-ID COMP 112), DRAM 101 (C-ID THTR 113), MEDA 110 (C-ID HIT 103 X), PHIL 175 (C-ID PHIL 149)
   Catalog Version 4, published on 11/25/19, contains the above amendments plus the following changes:
11/25/19 International Studies Associate in Arts Degree Program has been corrected to read: "Languages: Five Units of One Lanaguage
1/13/20  Student Body Fee updated to $15; Student Representation Fee updated to: $2; For more info, visit Student Representaion and Student Body Fees' page in the Catalog


General Education Worksheets - Catalog-Rights Versions

These worksheets were published beginning of Fall 2019 semester and remain unchanged. For the most up-to-date worksheets, please view the worksheets webpage in this catalog. 


Past Catalog ARCHIVES

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