Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) provides academic support, book vouchers, child care payments, and other services for low-income, educationally disadvantaged students. Contact 306-3300, or go to Building 9-133 for more information.

Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides accommodations such as mobility assistance, special parking, and loan of special adaptive equipment to students with disabilities. Contact the office at 650.306.3259 (V) or 650.306.3161 (TDD/TTY), or go to Building 5-207 for more information.

The CalWORKs Program is available to TANF recipients providing payments for childcare, books, transportation costs and job preparation assistance. Contact Jose Romero at 306-3465 or Sarah Aranyakul at 381-3529 in the CalWORKS office for more information.

MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) provides mentoring, tutoring and support for students in Math, Engineering and Science planning to transfer to a 4-year school in these fields of study. Contact Cathy Lipe at 306-3156, or go to Building 9-Learning Center more information.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program provides payment for enrollment fees, books, child care, parking permits, or bus passes, and job placement assistance for eligible students. Contact Julie Mooney at 325-6936 at the Menlo Park Center/OICW for more information. Eligibility is determined by the Employment Development Department.

Veteran's Benefits information and certification is provided through the Admissions & Records Office. Contact Edith Flores at 306-3492, Building 9-103 for more information.

Counseling Center: Counseling, Career, and Transfer Services provides assistance for academic counseling, career skills and self-assessment, and transfer to other colleges. Call 306-3452 or go to Building 9 lobby for more information.

TRiO Student Support Services is a federal funded program. Tutoring, mentoring, supplemental counseling and student grants are provided. Contact Melissa Alforja at 306-3365, Building 9-213.

SparkPointSparkPoint is part of a regional United Way of the Bay Area network of financial education centers designed to serve individuals and families who are working to achieve financial self-sufficiency.