Requirements for Using the Fitness Center

The Following is required of all participants:

  • Only students enrolled in FITN 117, FITN 118 or FITN 119 may use the Fitness Center.
  • Beginning Summer 2012, high school students must be at least a high school junior or senior to enroll in the following courses: FITN 112, 117, 118, 119.  All other Fitness/Dance courses are open to all students. High school students may enroll through the High School Concurrent Enrollment process.
  • Students must complete the course and equipment orientation.
  • Fill out Health Questionnaire/Emergency Information Card. Continuing students please update and verify information each semester.
  • Obtain Cañada College I.D. card.

NOTE: It is recommended that all students have medical clearance from their private physician prior to exercising.

Login procedure:

  • Students LOG IN upon entering the Fitness Center, and LOG OUT when leaving.
  • Only 15 minutes of credit is awarded if students fail to log out.
  • Maximum workout is two hours per visit.
  • Students may workout twice per day with a minimum one hour break between workouts.

Identification is required:

  • Leave your Cañada College I.D. at the registration desk when using the Fitness Center. The picture I.D. is necessary for student identification in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Please remove or file the Photo I.D. when you leave.
  • A Cañada College I.D. can be obtained at the Student Services ID Office, located in Building 9, 1st Floor - across from the Welcome Desk.


  • A FULL-SIZED TOWEL is required when using the Fitness Center.
  • Please use the towel to cover upholstery and wipe down each piece of equipment after use.
  • Sorry, the Fitness Center does not provide towels. Students who do not bring a towel cannot workout.

Dress Code:

  • Workout apparel is required (athletic shoes, shorts, sweats, T-shirts, full length tank tops, and sweatshirts).
  • Please, no jeans, belts, sandals, street shoes, or clothing with metal buttons.
  • Students not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to workout.

Locker Use Policy

  • Lockers are for students enrolled in PE/Athletics courses only. Lockers are for daily use only! Locks and clothing are to be removed daily. Failure to follow this policy will result in your belongings being removed and discarded!
  • Lockers will be emptied on the last day of each semester. All items left behind will be donated to a local charity the fllowing day.