Students must satisfy the graduation requirements of the Sequoia Union High School District and will earn a diploma from their home high school. Three high school courses are required per semester. Juniors take United States History and English III. Seniors take English IV and one semester each of Economics and American Government. All students take College and Career Readiness, which is a study skills/college success and personal development course.

The remaining courses are offered through Cañada College and are taught by Cañada College professors. These courses are selected to fulfill the credits and requirements for high school graduation. In addition to the three high school courses, students must be enrolled in at least three Cañada College courses, totaling a minimum of seven units. These courses give high school and college credit simultaneously. If the course is designated transferable, the credit may apply towards a four-year college or university degree. Students are required to attend all classes and complete assignments as regularly enrolled college students. High School and Cañada College classes are held at the Cañada Campus, there for, students will be at Cañada all day and do not need to go to their home High School.

Sample of Middle College Weekly Schedule

Schedule sample