Discover your Inner Musician

The music department provides a variety of courses to introduce students to the many ways of knowing music. The selection of courses in the music major gives a student several different creative outlets and prepares an open mind for the wide array of possibilities in the rapidly changing music world. Some courses focus on applications of technology, and others address the intersection of music and social contexts of its production.  Come play and listen! 

Career Opportunities

There are as many careers paths in music as there are musicians. Courses at Cañada College prepare you to speak the language of music and culture across a range of genres and disciplines. Even with a degree in hand, individuals must have initiative, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Blogs such as The Savvy Musician have many ideas for you. 

A background in music can encourage creativity and lead to success in other career fields. For example, David Landis, President & CEO of Landis Communications, a public relations firm, offers this comment

What most people don't realize is that I started my career as a pianist.  I studied piano performance at Northwestern University in Chicago and then moved into arts administration, before going into television.  I started the agency business more than 20 years ago in my bedroom and we now have about a dozen employees, are part of an international PR network . . . but also remain committed to helping businesses grow - and helping the community through our nonprofit work.  I think having a creative outlet - like my music - has allowed me to think differently about business in general and bring some fresh thinking and ideas to the table.  For those going into any business, I think a background in the arts is essential. (Chloe Veltman interview with David Landis)

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking in the creative process.
  • Use the language of the discipline; demonstrate to command of critical vocabulary
  • Describe the roles of creative expression in human cultures
  • Engage with the arts; integrate the arts into life.
  • Use critical thinking in evaluating works of art in intrinsic terms, expressive content, and social context