Costs as of November 2020

  • Enrollment Fee $46.00 per unit
  • Non Resident Tuition Fee $228.00  (PLUS $46.00 per unit Enrollment Fee)
  • Parking Permit $53.00 per semester. ($26.00 for summer session)
  • Health Fee $20.00; $17.00 for summer
  • Student Representation Fee $1.00
  • Student Body Fee $15.00
  • Books and supplies approx. two-year cost is $1600.00 (all radiology textbooks are used in several courses each semester throughout the program)
  • Radiation Detection Instrumentation Service (approx. $50.00 per year)
  • Uniforms and shoes, approximately $500.00 for the two years
  • Lead identification markers $24.00
  • Malpractice Insurance Fee $13.00 for full semester and $9.00 for summer term
  • Background check and drug screening, approximately $138

Upon acceptance into the program, physical examination, background check, laboratory tests and vaccinations are required by the beginning of the FALL semester.

Students are responsible for reliable transportation to and from the college and clinical educational centers. NOTE: we do not assign students to clinical facilities based on proximity to their home.

Radiological Technology classes and clinical education hours vary each semester and summer intercession. Please be prepared to adjust your personal and work schedule appropriately.

Flu shots and other annual vaccinations may be required by the beginning of the second year Fall semester.

Students who pass the ARRT may apply for the California Radiologic Technology Certificate without sitting for California examination. The Radiologic Technology Certificate (CRT) Application form must be completed. This form may be found at the following website: ttp:// The application form, a copy of the ARRT certificate and a non-refundable application fee of $75.00 in the form of a check or money order made payable to the CDPH-RHB must be returned to the CDPH-RHB. Applicants are notified within 30 calendar days of submission of the application.


Credit & Refund Policies

Radiologic Technology Program follows the Cañada College credit and refund policies.


Estimated Total Program Cost: $6280*

*As of February 2020. This is an approximate number and is subject to change at any time. Does not include vaccination costs. Does not include international student fees.