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Maria Huning (Project Director)

Student Services - TRIO - Student Support Services

Fleeta Rodriguez (Instructional Aide II)

Student Services - TRIO - Student Support Services


Questions About our Program or Your Application: Our main phone number is (650) 306-3332, and we can be reached via email at the above addresses. Para informción en Español llamé (650) 306-3111

Make a Tutoring or Counseling Appointment: Please make appointments with our staff via email. If you can no longer make your appointment, you may call us at (650) 306-3382 and speak to someone who can reschedule the appointment for you.

Cancel an Appointment or Activity: It is important that you let us know if you need to cancel an appointment. We ask that you kindly tell us via email, or call (650) 306-3382 to cancel an appointment or activity.

To e-mail a staff person: Use the contact information above.

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Please visit for the latest information on COVID-19 for the SMCCCD Campuses. **