Administrative Planning Council


APC, in collaboration and communication with SSPC and IPC, oversees the implementation of a comprehensive process for planning and assessing administrative services [instruction/student services] based on program review, the effective integration of student learning outcomes into program activities and services, and alignment with the college’s mission and strategic goals.

Develops, implements, and evaluates an Administrative Program Plan cycle (including staffing) and makes recommendations about policy.


APC Committee Members

Jamillah Moore (College President)

President's Office - President's Office

Tammy Robinson (Vice President of Instruction)

Office of the Vice President, Instruction - Office of Instruction
(650) 306-3298
BLDG 08-203

Graciano Mendoza (Vice President, Administrative Services)

Vice President, Administrative Services - Division Office

Karen Engel (Dean of Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness)

President's Office - Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness

Megan Rodriguez Antone (Director of Community Relations and Marketing)

President's Office - Marketing and Outreach

Deborah Joy (Executive Assistant)

Student Services - Vice President, Student Services

Barbara Bucton (Executive Assistant to President)

President's Office - President's Office

Alessandra Zanassi (Executive Assistant)

Office of the Vice President, Instruction - Office of Instruction

Mary Chries Concha Thia (College Business Officer)

Business|Operations Office - Budget Office


Organization of Administrative Services

Administrative Services are organized into 6 "programs" for the purposes of Program Review and assessment of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). These programs are:

  • Administrative Services
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Vice President of Student Services
  • Vice President of Instruction
  • Professional Development


The Administrative Services Annual Plan/Program Reviews are studied by the Administrative Planning Council which brings relevant recommendations to the Planning and Budgeting Council.