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Jenny Wantuch
Harmony in Hues: Exploring Landscapes Through Perception, Imagination and Memory
October 25 - December 15
Cañada College Art Gallery | Building 9-152

The Cañada College Art Department is presenting "Harmony in Hues: exploring landscapes through perception, imagination and memory", an exhibition of paintings by the Bay Area artist Jenny Wantuch. The exhibition runs from October 25 through December 15, 2023, in the Canada Art Gallery, Building 9, room 152. 

Wantuch is showing 17 paintings in total. Nine of these paintings were commissioned for Cañada College in 2021 and were completed in 2022. The commissioned paintings are 8x8 inch oil paintings inspired by repeating patterns and architectural elements that frames the beautiful vistas seen at Cañada College Campus. Wantuch is a former student at Cañada College and completed an AA degree in Multimedia Art and Technology in 2013. The commissioned paintings will be permanently installed in building 22 after the exhibition. The other paintings in the show are larger in scale and focus on landscapes from Northern California, except from "Wanaka Valley" which is from New Zealand and based on one of her plein air paintings from the South Island of New Zealand. The painting “Road Heading North” is inspired by her memory of growing up in Sweden. All the paintings in the show were completed 2022-2023.



"Spending time with one of Jenny Wantuch's vivid landscapes can feel like passing through a portal into a dreamy, color-suffused world: a place where we often seem to be hovering at the edge between day and night, at sunrise or sunset. The soft hues with which Wantuch describes gently curving hills, pristine forests or cloud dotter skies complement each other—maize yellows and dusty violets; intense blue-greens and hot magenta pinks; deep blues and glowing shades of orange. It is a place we long to visit, and the road that she often incorporates into her compositions, winding away into the distance, invites us to continue traveling deep into these scenes in our imagination. "
Excerpt from catalog essay written by Maria Porges, October 2023.

Artist Statement: "My art is a celebration of the power of nature.The beauty of landscapes has always been a great source of inspiration for me. My artist studio is a place where I can immerse myself in my inner landscape of colors, shapes and patterns, inspired by the natural world. Taking artistic liberties in colors and composition is an integral part of my style. Painting from memory and my imagination allows me to create expressive landscape paintings that reflect both the beauty of nature and my personal interpretation of it.


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Jenny Wantuch Canada College Comm

Commissioned Paintings for Cañada College, Building 22,
“Architectural Horizons 1-9”, 2022, oil on panel, 8x8 inches each.