3-Year Assessment Plans

2020-2023 (Ends Spring 2023)

Assessment Plan Templates

Assessment Plan Templates can be found on the 3-Year Assessment Plan Template page.

Please submit completed 3-Year Assessment Plans to all participating department faculty members, your Dean, and Jessica Kaven, our college’s Faculty Assessment Coordinator at


To view and download assessment result reports, please visit the PRIE Reporting Sharepoint Site.
This link requires you to login with your @smccd.edu email address and email password.

It is mandated by ACCJC, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, that institutions engage in assessment, evaluation and reflection. Additionally, ACCJC states that institutions must systematically and regularly evaluate how well and in what ways it is accomplishing its purposes, including assessment of student learning. Faculty are responsible for assessing their courses (SLOs)* and programs (PLOs)* (ILOs on the other hand are mapped to SLOs and PLOs in Nuventive Improve (formerly TracDat) and are assessed through other means via the College). Faculty may be asked to participate in assessing ILOs.

*NOTE: For the 2020-2023 assessment cycle, "Full-time faculty members will not be expected to engage in more than two high-volume or high-demand professional duties during [Fall 2020, Spring 2021,Fall 2021 and Spring 2022]. High-volume or high-demand duties are any of the following:

  • Service on a committee (each committee counts as one high-volume duty)
  • Program review
  • Curriculum development (except for DE addenda)
  • SLO’s"

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Humanities & Social Sciences

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