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Program Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of math, science and computer science to identify, formulate and solve computer science problems.
  • Communicate effectively and work well in situations that require teamwork.
  • Design and perform tests, analyze and interpret data and prepare a report summarizing the results of the tests.
  • Develop a design or system given a set of requirements and specifications.
  • Use techniques, skills and computer tools necessary for computer science practice.

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Studying Computer Science at Cañada College provides the essential concepts and skills necessary for success in every field today. The Computer Science program at Cañada College provides the core lower division courses required for a BS degree in Computer Science. Students who already possess a degree will also gain substantial skills through completion of the core courses. The core courses are:

1. Introduction to Computer Science -First course- Strongly advised for ALL majors.

  • CIS 118 - Introduction to Computer Science. 

2. Object Oriented Programming (1 course)

  • CIS 250 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming: C++
  • CIS 284 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming: Java
  • CIS 294 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming: Objective-C

3. Data Structures (1 course)

  • CIS 252 - Introduction to Data Structures: C++
  • CIS 286 - Introduction to Data Structures: Java

4. Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

  • CIS 242 - Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

5. Discrete Math

  • CIS 262 - Discrete Math for Computer Science

6. Elective:

  • CIS 321 – Introduction to iOS programming

Cañada College provides additional courses required for transfer in the areas related to Computer Science. In this regard, it is suggested that students research Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems, and Computer Engineering programs. Students should use PROJECT ASSIST (www.assist.org) to research lover division major requirements at the transfer destinations of their choice. Also work with a Counselor/Advisor to determine the appropriate transfer course work.