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Distance Education Mission

The mission of the distance education initiative is to increase opportunities for our diverse student population by offering flexible and innovative instruction via technology. In keeping with the mission of the College, the distance education initiative is committed to meeting the changing needs of our community by developing distance learning opportunities that increase student access, support student success, and provide quality instruction in general, transfer, career, and basic skills education, while also fostering relationships between faculty, staff and students.

Distance Education Goals for 2015-2017

Objective #1: Broaden distance education course offerings to meet the needs of Cañada students.

Action Plan 1.1: Determine the overarching goals of the College in terms of distance education.

Action Plan 1.2: Each semester track online offerings and enrollment, along with results from student surveys, to plan for future offerings. Share the reflections with Deans and faculty to ensure planning and scheduling allow growth as indicated by the data review with student input.

Objective #2: Develop a community of well-trained Distance Education faculty members.

Action Plan 2.1: Work with, and through, the district to coordinate faculty development around distance education.

Action Plan 2.2: Encourage faculty to attend DE conferences and share their experience with their colleagues.

Action Plan 2.3: Annually update and share the Distance Education Handbook with faculty.

Objective #3: Increase student awareness, retention, and success.

Action Plan 3.1: Annually assess and review the performance of students in online compared to face-to-face classes.

Action Plan 3.2: Monitor the development of student success tools by the Online Education Initiative and coordinate discussion and adoption (if appropriate) across the district.

Action Plan 3.3: Adopt the Online Education Initiative tutoring platform and recruit and train a cadre of student tutors for online tutoring with an emphasis on writing and math.

Action Plan 3.4: Assess the usage and effectiveness of online tutoring.