Pathways Courses

For each Pathway, it is highly recommended that students choose their Pathways courses in 4 different GE areas.  Students in the Sustainability Pathway are required to take at least one course in Science.

Social Justice Pathway

The goal of this pathway is for students to consider complex social justice issues such as those related to power, race, religion, income, immigration status, gender, childhood, and sexual orientation from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.  Students are challenged to think critically about what it means to create a just and equitable society that celebrates human diversity in our own time, and in the past, across cultures.  They will develop the critical framework for understanding and building a foundation for action and social change.

Courses in the Social Justice Pathway:

ART 103 ART 104 DRAM 140 MUS 210 MUS 240 MUS 250
ESL 400 ENG 100 ENG 110 ENG 200 ENG/LING LIT 375
LIT 373 LIT 441 ENVS 115 HSCI 100 HSCI 116 ANTH 110
ANTH 351 HIST 201 HIST 202 HIST 245 HIST 246 PLSC 310
PLSC 320 PLSC 130 PLSC 150 PLSC 170 PLSC 210 PLSC 310
PSYC 100 PSYC 205 COMM 110 SOC 100 SOC 105 SOC 141
SOC 205 ECE 212 MATH 200 FITN 334    


Sustainability Pathway

In the sustainability pathway, students examine environmental issues from a variety of perspectives to appreciate the complex nature of these issues and the need for interdisciplinary solutions.  They analyze what it means to be sustainable in our own time and in the past, and investigate how their actions impact the environment and other people worldwide.  Throughout the pathway, students develop the analytical tools to help them make decisions in a world of limited resources.

Courses in the Sustainability Pathway:

ART 101 ART 104 MUS 240 MUS 250 ENGL 100 ENGL 165
LIT 375 ANTH 110 ANTH 125 ANTH 126 ANTH 351 HIST 106
HIST 202 ASTR 100 ENVS 115 ENVS 130 BIOL 100 BIOL 110
HSCI 100 OCEN 100 OCEN 101 MATH 200