Welcome to G.E. Pathways at Cañada College

The General Education Pathways Program at Cañada College offers students an integrated learning experience across the GE pattern. The overall goal of the Cañada Pathways Program is to make General Education more meaningful to students by engaging them in an exploration of a major theme from a multidisciplinary perspective in the context of their general education requirements across the curriculum. Courses offered through the G.E. Pathways at Cañada College allow students to explore different themes based on their personal and intellectual interests.  Since these are all GE transferable courses, students complete the requirements for the pathway while also fulfilling their overall GE requirements. Additionally, students have an opportunity to work closely with faculty and students with shared interests.

You choose the path

Once students have chosen a path, they must successfully complete four courses (12 units) associated with the path. The completion of the path adds an additional set of critical thinking skills that are beneficial for transfer, for declaring a major or minor, and for job placement. The program is open to all students regardless of their GPA, and they may opt in or out at any time.

Students on hill