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Spring 2024 Honors Courses

Honors courses are offered each semester.   Some Honors courses are entirely filled with Honors students, and other Honors courses meet within a traditional courses, but the Honors students use a different syllabus and may have different assignments.

For a current list of Honors courses, use the word “honors” in WebSCHEDULE. 

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honors course list spring 2024

New to Cañada College?

Ask your academic counselor about taking Honors ENGL 100 or MATH 200.  These classes will get you off to a great start in college... and in Honors!    See specific Fall course registration info below.

ENGL 100: Reading & Composition - Honors
MW:  12:45-2:00 pm (3 units)
Transfer:  CSU: A2, UC (IGETC: 1A)
CRN:  92120; Wiley

MATH 200: Elementary Probability and Statistics - Honors
TTh 8:10-10am via Zoom (4 units)
Transfer: CSU: B4, UC (IGETC: 2)
CRN: 81373; Klimkovsky

Suggested Honors Course Plan

To complete the HTP, you will need to complete 15 units of Honors coursework.  Here is a suggested course plan if you plan to be at Cañada College for 4 semesters.

  • ENGL 100 Honors  (3 units) or
  • MATH 200 Honors (4 units)
  • ENGL 110 Honors  (3 units) … or another Honors Course
  • LIB 100 Honors (1 unit)
  • CRER 110 (1 unit) … best taken the spring before you apply for transfer
  • Honors Contract (3 units) … or another Honors Course
  • IDST 150: Honors Research Seminar (1 unit) ... if you are doing an Honors Contract
  • You will also complete your transfer applications and apply for scholarships
  • Honors Contract (3 units) … or another Honors Course
  • IDST 150 (1 unit) … if not taken previously
  • You will also complete your UCLA TAP paperwork (if applying to UCLA) and apply for scholarships


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