Transfer Agreements

Enhanced Transfer Consideration

One benefit of completing the Canada College Honors Transfer Program is enhanced transfer consideration and/or other benefits (such as scholarships, housing, etc...) at selected 4-year schools.

Let the Honors Counselor or Coordinator know ASAP if you are interested in using one of these agreements.  There is academic coursework and a formal process that needs to followed for these programs. 

UCLA - TAP: UCLA Transfer Alliance Program

Cañada College is a member of the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program. As a member of UCLA TAP we offer our HTP graduates priority transfer admission consideration to the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences.   Over the last 4 years over 75% of our UCLA-TAP certified students were admitted.  For Fall 2021, 100% of our UCLA-TAP certified students were admitted.  Compare that to the state-wide transfer rate to UCLA of about 20-25%.  Wow!    UCLA-TAP certified students are also eligible for Honors scholarships.


UC-Irvine:  Transfer Honors and “Honors to Honors” 

Through the HTCC, UC-Irvine offers two priority transfer benefits to HTP graduates. 

  • Transfer Honors: Priority transfer admission consideration for all HTP graduates.
  • Honors to Honors: Guaranteed admission to UC-Irvine and the UCI Honors Collegium for students who meet the requirements.  Wow!   Among other requirements, you need a 3.7 GPA to qualify.

UC-Irvine Honors

HTCC Transfer Partners 

The Cañada College is also a member of the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC). As an HTCC member we offer HTP graduates the transfer agreements found on the HTCC website button-link below.  The HTCC is always working on new agreements with colleges and universities, so check back on this site to find out the latest developments. 

HTCC Transfer Partners