How can You be Sustainable?

At home

  • Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot it (Compost), Recycle (Rebuy)!
    There is so much more YOU can do compared to the known Reduce, Reuse, Recycle model.

  • Cut back on air conditioning & heating!
    Methane, a GHG more harmful than CO2, is released when natural gas used for heating & AC is extracted for use
  • Use energy efficient appliances (Energy Star) & energy conservation techniques!
    It's quick and easy to turn off your lights when leaving the room or unplugging your phantom load appliances

On campus

  • Pack lunch from home using reusable containers!
    Packaging waste is more than 30% of MSW and buying a reusable water bottle will save you $$ in the long run & promote sustainability!

  • Take public transportation, carpool or bike to school!
    Buses use 8.7% less energy per passenger mile than a typical automobile!!

  • Go digital!
    Only print docs out if you really need to

In the community

  • Reconnect and spread the word!
    Individuals are increasingly more interested in sustainable practices. Be vocal about what you do and why you do it to get more people involved

  • Get involved, take action, volunteer!
    There are plenty of local organizations working to lessen the Bay Area’s environmental impacts and with a small amount of your time they will get closer to their goals.