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Campus Map
Find Your Way Around Campus

Class Schedule
A Complete List of Classes

Governing Council Members

ASGC Officers

Doug Hirzel
Professor, Biology
Building 18-214
(650) 306-3284
Vice President
Anne Nicholls
Professor, Cooperative Education
Building 13-124
(650) 306-3293
Sandra Mendez
Professor, Counseling
Building 9-143
(650) 381-3564
Leonor Cabrera
Professor, Accounting
Building 13-226
(650) 306-3158


Subcommittee Chairs

Curriculum Committee
Alicia Aguirre
Professor, ESL
Professional Development
Denise Erickson
Professor, Art


Division Representatives

Athletics, Kinesiology, Dance
Ana Miladinova
Professor, Kinesiology and Dance
Humanities & Social Sciences
David Meckler
Professor, Music
Science & Technology

Business, Design and Workforce
Lorraine Barrales-Ramirez
Professor, Counseling


Previous Governing Council Members 

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