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Welcome to the Beating the Odds Peer Mentorship Program!

The focus of Beating the Odds Peer Mentorship Program is to increase retention rates and persistence while providing a positive and successful transition for First Generation Students. Participation in the program will include prizes and incentives for good grades with increased progress in the program. Prizes include, but are not limited to, book vouchers and cultural enrichment field trips.


Who are BTO Peer Mentors?

What is a BTO Mentee?

A Peer Mentor is a current student who is engaged in a mentee’s progress. They are assigned a student(s) to provide support and guide them through their college experience. BTO Peer Mentors come from diverse backgrounds and they are trained in various services available to students. They establish a strong, personal relationship with mentees, help them achieve academic success, and get mentees acquainted with campus life at Cañada College.

Mentees are students from traditionally underserved and underrepresented backgrounds who want to excel in academics and be actively involved with Cañada College campus life.


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